2022 Christmas gift guide


Blimey is it that time of year again, that was quick! As the nights get darker and the snow (or more accurately for the UK, rain) begins to fall it’s time to once again start thinking about presents.

So without further ado let us present you with the official Blooming Artificial gift guide 2022!


Whether you’re gifting for the tricky in-laws, the love of your life or even just treating yourself (hey we won’t judge😉) any Blooming Artificial product is sure to be the perfect present! 🎁

Low prices don’t mean low quality here at Blooming Artificial. These desktop botanical buddies are a bite-sized bundle of joy! 💚   

Artificial pilea houseplant by Blooming Artificial

Pilea bush: £18

Quirky leaves and a timeless terracotta pot make for a coffee table titan.

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Calla lily: £18

Snow white flowers and forest green foliage combine to bring a sense of serenity to even the most cluttered of desktops.

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Artificial medallion calathea on wooden bench

Medallion calathea: £18

A cool Colombian comrade for your kitchen.

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Boston Fern: £24.50

A popular plant beloved by thousands for its charm and simplicity.

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A cavalcade of mid-priced masterpieces awaits across a variety of plants, palms, trees, and flower

Faux lemon bush on window sill

Lemon Bush: £48

A Mediterranean masterpiece that will leave your room fresher than Sicilian citrus. 🍋

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Purple rain window box: £56

The gorgeous assortment of purple foliage formerly known as Prince.🎸

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Lavender & starflower hanging basket: £43

Hang up some happiness in your garden with this beautiful botanical blend, available in pink or white, both variations are great gifts for the faux green-fingered. 🐌

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Artificial rubber tree against white walls

Rubber tree 105cm: £59.50

Exotic offering that fits as naturally into a suburban interior as it would an Indonesian jungle

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Towards the higher end of our range, we found an artificial forest worth of gorgeous goods. From intricately handcrafted bouquets to Beijing fresh bamboo here’s the lowdown on some of the best of the best

Ruby ball cactus: £72

Topped with three red spiky spheres this desert dweller is an eye-catching addition to any abode. 🌵

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Artificial tequila sunrise bouquet near to desktop

Tequila sunrise bouquet: £85.60

Bring the sun to your settee with this bright and bold collection of flowers, lovingly out together by hand for that personal touch.

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120cm artificial areca palm tree on decking outside

Areca palm 140cm: £82

With its wide fanning fronds and Victorian sensibilities, the areca palm possess the ability to turn any garden into Kew garden.

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Oriental bamboo 180cm: £99.50

A combination of a real bamboo stem and artificial foliage make this a zen exuding winner.

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Ficus tree 180cm: £72

A fantastic focal point featuring a natural wooden stem, you can’t go wrong with the classics!

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The best of the best, the crème de la crème, the bees knees, there’s a fair few ways of saying it but put simply the £100+ range is home to the very best Blooming Artificial has to offer!   

Blue Oregon Christmas Tree: £160-£275

We know this is a gifts blog but given the season we couldn’t not include the best of the Pacific Northwest.

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Artificial amethyst bouquet by Blooming Artificial

Amethyst bouquet: £104

Lovely lilacs are the star of the show but don't sleep on pink and white roses that add to this soothing bouquet.

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Artificial cedar spiral trees outside green front door

Cedar spiral topiary 175cm: £230

Ornate towering tree who’s spiral shape serves as a showpiece entrance to any abode.

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Olive tree: £195

Italian excellence from the Adriatic to your indoors, featuring olives so realistic you’d be forgiven for trying to put them on a pizza. 🍕

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Artificial paradise palm tree in kitchen

Paradise palm 195cm: £168

The largest version of our one of our most popular plants will turn your home into paradise in no time.

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