The growing trend for artificial wedding bouquets

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In the last five years, the UK has seen a 250% growth in the number of people searching for artificial plants and flowers when shopping for their wedding bouquets online.

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That’s according to national Google searches, and it isn’t a unique peak in interest. Google searches in the UK for other artificial wedding flowers, and for paper flower bouquets, have also risen dramatically – 100% and 300% respectively.

There are a number of reasons why brides-to-be are turning to artificial wedding bouquets in place of the real thing, from budgeting and a desire to keep bouquets as a memento, to avoiding the risk that flowers have wilted or failed to open ahead of the big day. As hopeful brides across the country risk having their wedding day either postponed, cancelled or moved at short notice due to changing coronavirus regulations, opting for artificial flowers can seem like a safe bet.

With the average cost of wedding flowers in the UK estimated at almost £900

According to BrideBook, 27% of couples overspend on flowers for their wedding. With the average cost of wedding flowers in the UK estimated at almost £900, and many florists charging well over £1,000 to supply flowers to bridal parties, we commissioned a survey of 2,000 people all over the UK to find out if they think the cost of real flowers is fair.

We’ve also asked whether couples would be happier to spend their money on artificial flowers they could keep, re-use or sell after their wedding day is over.

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85% of people think the average cost of wedding flowers is unfair.

85% of people think the cost of wedding flowers is unfair

Though there were minute variations depending on age, gender and location within the UK, overall 85% of people stated that they feel the typical cost of wedding flowers is not fair.

The cost of real cut flower bouquets and other arrangements takes into consideration a range of factors, including the time spent designing them, the need for spare flowers that can be used to replace broken or wilted blooms, treatments to help ensure that the flowers don’t open too quickly or wilt too soon, and all kinds of other things.

The type of flowers that a couple may choose for their wedding also impacts the price, with some only affordable in specific seasons, while others come at a premium year-round.

While artificial wedding bouquets might not be something everyone has considered, they’re certainly becoming a more popular pick for brides who want to guarantee that the style of flower they want will make it into their bouquet on the day. They also have the added benefit of being guaranteed to appear at ‘peak bloom’ – with no risk of closed buds or wilted petals spoiling the finished look.

With social distancing measures and restrictions on large gatherings, many hopeful brides might also be looking for ways to minimise any potential, or further, financial losses when it comes to planning their big day. Opting for artificial bouquets eradicates the risk of needing to order and pay for a new batch of flowers, or even of having no flowers at all, should the wedding need to be rescheduled at the last minute.

Keep, re-use, or sell on

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48% of people would be happier to spend money on artificial flowers which they could keep, re-use or sell after their wedding.

48% of people would be happier to spend money on artificial flowers which they could keep, re-use, or sell after their wedding.

The nation was divided on this one, with 52% of people unhappy with the cost of wedding flowers regardless of whether they survived after the wedding day or not.

However, 48% of our respondents stated that if they could keep, re-use or sell the flowers from their big day, they’d be happier about splashing the cash.

Whether you’d like to give away flowers as keepsakes, sell them on to recoup some of your wedding spend or even reuse them as home decorations or for future events, there are plenty of reasons why more and more people are opting for artificial wedding bouquets and other floral alternatives.

Though allergies play a part, and the desire to travel internationally for marriage – taking a bouquet that can travel with you – a lot of the change comes down to budget-savvy brides and grooms.

As well as typically being more affordable than real cut flowers, artificial flowers can always be sold on if you don’t wish to keep them. Even if you sell them at a discounted rate, you’re still getting back money that wouldn’t be recouped when adding real floral arrangements to the compost heap or leaving them behind at the venue.

If you’d like to retain a combination of real plants and fauxliage, one great way to do so is to opt for an artificial wedding bouquet but to have living, potted table decorations. While most cut flowers have to be thrown away after the event is over, decorating tables and aisles with small potted plants means you can still keep flowers for good, give them away as mementos or sell them on.

Artificial wedding bouquets: Inspiration & decorations

Opting for artificial wedding bouquets doesn’t mean you have to make compromises when it comes to elegance and style. Whilst you can buy a pre-arranged bouquet, Blooming Artificial’s selection of individual flowers and filler flowers, such as our classic artificial rose stem and artificial gypsophila spray, are ideal for creating a personalised bouquet that will last a lifetime.

If you’re looking to create a more striking bouquet for your wedding day, our artificial tulip stems are available in a wide range of colours whilst our bright and beautiful sunflower stem can make a strong visual impact either on its own or mixed with some filler flowers or foliage.

Looking to incorporate more flowers into your look for the big day? Flower crowns are the perfect accessory for adding a romantic, boho twist to your hairstyle. Since our individual stems feature internal wires, they are easy to bend and cut to any shape or size without the risk of becoming damaged or falling apart.

Tempted by the perks of using artificial flowers for your wedding bouquet? Take a look at our range of artificial bouquets for some ready made options or, if you’re looking to construct your very own arrangement, our single-stem artificial flowers and foliage collection offers a wide range of variations and colours to suit all tastes.