Artificial Lavender Barrel

This product has been discontinued.

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Here's Everything You Need To Know

Your lavender barrel will arrive professionally potted in a stylish wooden planter topped with artificial moss for the most realistic look. The foliage includes beautiful faux lavender flowers with long, green spiky grass and is designed for outdoor use in typical UK weather conditions. This attractive patio planter is ideal for adding colour to a dull space and looks beautiful when grouped together with our other flower arrangements.

Why choose Artificial?

Lavender or Lavendula, is native to the Canary Islands, Europe, northern and eastern Africa, the Mediterranean, southwest Asia and southeast India. It has many uses in today’s world including garden and landscape use, culinary use and the production of essential oils. It’s a handy plant to have in your garden but is well known for its rapid growth that needs to be maintained on a regular basis. The lavender plant can also suffer from root rots in wet or heavy soils and can be troubled by insect pests. Luckily our lavender barrel will never need watering, pruning or feeding and it’s ready to go into your garden straight out of the box without any hassle!

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