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Pots and planters

Attractive pots and planters are the perfect finishing touch for your new artificial plants, flowers or trees. We've hand picked a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes to ensure that we have the perfect option for you at a reasonable price.

All of our plant pots are manufactured from high quality synthetics like plastics and resin. This has tonnes of benefits including making our pots lightweight, virtually unbreakable, easy to clean, frost and UV resistant, to name a few.


We currently offer over 20 different coloured pots to suit your theme. Ranging from black and pure white to bold reds and blue, and to soft pastel colours – we have the perfect combination of colours for each artificial plant in our range.

If you can’t find the colour you’re after, please ask because we may be able to find one.

Green credentials

Our range of plant pots are on average made from 45% recycled plastic. The packaging they come in is made from roughly 60% recycled materials. To top it off they are produced in an energy efficient factory – with its own wind turbine!

Our planters and pots are sustainable without the price tag. When you’re finished with them (and the packaging) you can recycle this too… amazing!

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