Discover our selection of elegant glass, ceramic and metal vases to elevate your flower and foliage arrangements.

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Apothecary vase
Apothecary vase
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Glass vase
Artificial bahama mama bouquet on wood kitchen window ledge

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Everything you need to know

Found a beautiful flower or foliage arrangement? Great stuff! All that's left is to find the perfect vase to complete the look.

We've hand selected a number of quality vases from reputable UK suppliers including a selection of clear glass vases and beautiful ceramic vases in a variety of styles and sizes.

Among the range is our globe ceramic vase which offers a minimal stone effect look we think pairs fabulously with our elegant fauxliage bouquet, while the clear hydria vase is an excellent partner for our harmony bouquet or a few single stems like our cheese plant leaf.

Once you've chosen your favourite, simply snip your stems and find out how to arrange an artificial bouquet so your arrangement looks its best.

Pairing your bouquet with the right size vase can have a big impact on the arrangement.

As a general rule of thumb choose a vase at least half the overall height of your flower arrangement. So for an average-sized bouquet around 60cm tall, aim for a vase around 30cm tall with a neck width of around 10-12cm wide, which will let your flowers splay out nicely.

Glass, ceramic or metal... there are endless options and styles to choose from and each of them will have a different effect on your bouquet. That said, not all of them will show off your flowers in their best light. 

When it comes to colours and the style of your vase there’s a general rule of thumb:

  • Bouquets that have bold colours are best put in clear and simple glass vases where they won’t have to compete with vibrant patterns and can show off their colours better.

  • Bouquets with more subtle shades can be complemented by bold coloured vases and stylish ceramic jugs to give them a little extra oomph!

Take sunflowers for example, they look fantastic in a galvanised steel bucket or mason jar to give them a rustic farmhouse type look rather than a plain glass vase, whereas tulips are better suited to tall glass vases where their colours can stand out.

Wildflowers like our meadow bouquet look great in vintage milk jugs and vases giving them that whimsical cottage-core look, while roses and lilies are well suited to vases that flare, adding to their elegance.

Our vases are shipped directly from our suppliers within 2-4 working days. This means that they will arrive separately from the rest of your order.

Usually all you need to accompany a bouquet is a vase and some water to keep them going. Things are a little different with artificial bouquets...

We choose our flowers based on their realism and to do this most include an internal wire so that you can bend it into a natural position. The only downside is that the wire can rust when exposed to water. Here are some alternative options:

  • Leave your vase empty. There’s nothing wrong with leaving your vase empty and just sitting your bouquet inside on its own.

  • Use beads to hide the fact that there’s no water and mask the stems.

  • Secure the stems permanently with resin. It's a gel that looks just like water and holds the flowers neatly in place. Be careful as resin is permanent so you'll be sacrificing your vase. Also make sure you pick a resin with UV stabilisers to stop it turning yellow in the sun.

Just like our plants, there’s little care needed when it comes to vases. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth to remove any dust.

We don’t recommend adding water to your vase when using faux flowers. This is because each flower stem has an internal wire which could rust in water. As an alternative, try decorative beads or resin to replicate the look of water.

Each stem in your bouquet has an internal wire which is coated in plastic. Depending on the stem, this wire can be fairly lightweight or pretty thick. Thicker wires can be slighter harder to cut.

1. Measure the height of your vase.

2. Take the vase measurement and measure from the bottom of the flowers and foliage area towards the bottom of the stem.

3. Mark the measurement and cut any remaining stem off.

4. If in doubt, leave the stems a little longer. You can always trim them again.

To cut the stems, we recommend using strong wire cutters. If you don't have any of these to hand use pliers or scissors to score the plastic. Then bend them one way, then the other, which will weaken the wire to the point it breaks cleanly.

For more help, read our guide on trimming artificial flower stems or watch the video below.

If you have some more questions, or you just want to talk through the options, contact us here or give us a call on 0800 9777 589.