Making wall art with artificial plants

Annabel Thain Content marketing executive 🌱

Our plants are surprisingly versatile with many ways to liven up your interior and breathe life into your space. (Check out our guide to painting faux plants, if you haven’t already 🎨)

We'll be running through how to frame your artificial plants but as they say, art is subjective so feel free to get creative and make our ideas your own!

Framing faux stems the blog

Adding artificial flowers and foliage to picture frames can create the look of ‘growing’ wall art! You can use pretty much any flowers or foliage that you like, from single foliage stems for a simplistic look to an assortment of flowers that'll provide joyful colour year after year. 💐

Below we’ll show you a minimalist example with our stylish cheese plant leaf and another option with several of our faux flower stems.

Making plant wall art step by step:

  1. Choose a frame

  2. Measure and trim stems

  3. Add stems to your frame

  4. Display your art

Here’s a list of things you’ll need:

  • Box picture frame large enough for your stems

  • Flowers and/or foliage stems

  • Glue to hold smaller pieces in place

  • Pliers or wire cutters

Step 1: Choose a frame

Black box picture frame

We’ve used a simple black box frame measuring 50x50 cm. You’ll need to use a box frame rather than a standard photo frame to allow for the depth of the stems. 

Step 2: Measure & trim your stems

Artificial cheese plant leaf stem

Our flower and foliage stems are rather long and will need to be trimmed down before adding them to your frame.  

Position them as you like in your frame and make note of how much you’ll need to take off the ends. Each stem has an internal wire, so you’ll need a firm grip to cut them down to size with your pliers. 💪

Trimming artificial plant stems

Watch our video guide to trimming artificial flower stems for help. 

Step 3: Add the stems to your frame

Artificial monstera leaf in frame

Position your stem(s) in your frame as you like and put your frame back together. With our cheese plant leaf, we just popped it in the centre of the frame as a standalone piece for a simplistic look.  

We also tried another style with several of our viburnum, cornflower and pincushion stems and tucked the stems behind the mount to hide out of sight. 

Artificial flowers in photo frame

You may need to use a small amount of glue to hold your stem(s) in place, especially if you’re using small flowers and individual stems.

Step 4: Display your art!

Once you’ve finished adding your foliage, it’s time to put your frame back together and add it to your space!

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