Winter flower arrangements: 8 ideas for inspiration

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Explore our top styling tips for winter arrangements, our recommendations on the best winter colour palettes and the best flowers to use for this season.

Regal red artificial flower bouquet infront of fireplace

By their very nature, it’s hard not to associate flowers with the spring and summer seasons. But that’s not to say that flowers can't seamlessly integrate into your winter interior too, especially when you have the luxury of using artificial stems that aren’t at the mercy of the seasons. Winter floral arrangements, with their ability to introduce vibrancy, depth and texture to a space, can also serve as an excellent remedy for the winter doldrums. In this article we’ll discuss our top styling tips for winter arrangements, our recommendations on the best winter colour palettes and the best flowers to use for the season.  

Artificial foliage bouquet in white ceramic vase on wooden side table

What flowers are in a winter bouquet? 

There are a multitude of flowers perfectly suited to winter floral arrangements. As a general guideline, consider using stems that contribute texture, and hues that impart warmth. When arranged with creativity, these bouquets possess the ability to transform the entire atmosphere of a room.  

Popular flowers in December 

It's all too easy to succumb to the notion that everything must be adorned in red, gold, or green during the Christmas season. However, there are numerous avenues to infuse warmth and joy into your home without resorting to the festive cliches.  

Artificial twilight flower bouquet with armchair
Twilight moody faux flower arrangement

Our artificial winter foliage bouquet, bursting with silver dollar eucalyptus and pussy willow stems, serves as an excellent illustration of how to introduce understated and stylish greenery into your home. Meanwhile, our twilight bouquet provides a delightfully atmospheric touch with its moody coloured faux tulips.  

Should you wish to incorporate some classic wintery colours into your scheme, then our artificial rosa bunch with warm red roses and eucalyptus leaves makes a wonderfully festive choice. 

White winter florals to use in January

Once the festivities are over for another year it can be all too easy to fall into the January blues. Help combat them with delicate artificial flower arrangements perfectly suited to the season.  Concentrating on pristine whites and the beauty of natural greenery is an excellent approach to brighten your spirits and infuse a sense of tranquillity into your surroundings. Our artificial joyful arrangement is the perfect example of how to add a dose of serenity to a space, whilst the yellow roses add a subtle vanilla warmth.  

Fake enchanting flower bunch
Fake enchanting small flower arrangement

Similarly, our artificial enchanting bunch encapsulates a similar aura of calm and zen. Comprising lovely white faux blooms, eucalyptus and thistles, it's the perfect selection for instantly enhancing your mood.  

Best colours for winter floral arrangements

The joy of faux is there doesn’t have to be a ‘one size fits all’ for winter floral arrangements, nor do you have to stick with seasonal flowers. Many colours will blend seamlessly into your home aesthetic. Whether you’re looking to incorporate some autumnal colours, or create the illusion of a frosty morning, there’s so many floral colour palettes to choose from.  

Despite its name evoking thoughts of warm beaches, our artificial Hawaiian bunch is packed with vibrant autumnal hued blooms, ideal for winter homes. Perfect if you’re looking to incorporate pink, orange and purple winter flowers into your interior. 

If you’re looking for a modern white winter floral arrangement then consider our winter foliage, joyful or enchanting artificial bunches. For timeless simplicity, simple single stem only options like pussy willow or eucalyptus make the ideal choice.  

Stunning winter floral arrangement ideas

Regal red artificial flower bouquet infront of fireplace
Faux regal bouquet

Idea #1: Bold flower centrepiece 

For an bold winter floral showstopper, our regal bouquet might just be the ticket. Vibrant artificial peony stems in a bright red hue have been meticulously fashioned from top-quality materials, resulting in an astonishingly lifelike appearance. Our skilled florists have expertly curated these peony stems, combining them with carefully chosen individual branches of pussy willow, bay, viburnum and berry sprays. Each element is meticulously hand-tied to craft a visually striking and enduring winter centrepiece. 

Idea #2: Foraged foliage 

Go full Christmas with lots of red, white, greens. For even more realism, try combining real foliage with faux stems. Holly foraged from woodland walks is a simple way to incorporating more natural textures into your arrangement.  Mix holly with eucalyptus for a timeless classic.

Idea #3: Festive reds

Combine classic roses with deep-hued carnations and rich burgundy dahlias for a warm and inviting centerpiece. Add seasonal greenery and gold accents like spray painted pine cones for a touch of glamour, creating a stunning display that captures the essence of winter celebrations.

Idea #4: Pink pallettes

Blend soft-hued peonies, blush-toned ranunculus and delicate cherry blossoms for an enchanting and feminine floral arrangement. Infuse eucalyptus leaves and silvery accents to evoke a wintry vibe.

Idea #5: Go green

Mix a range of tall and cascading foliage like eucalyptus and clematis sprays with some subtle thistle texture to create a green delight. A foliage centric arrangement is the perfect wintery mix that'll sit perfectly in almost any interior.

Idea #6: Go big or go home...

With a real showstopper. For an autumn/winter wedding centrepiece, why not create something truly exceptional. Combine rustic foraged branches and holly, faux snowberries and pussy willow sprays for a rustic foresty showpiece that’s sure to have everyone mesmerised.

Idea 7: Don't forget outside

An exuberant blend of green foliage featuring a range of diverse textures, our forest foliage hanging basket is abundantly filled and ideal for the colder seasons! 

Forest foliage hanging basket by treehouse
Forest foliage hanging basket

Idea 8: Artificial winter patio tub 

Packed with a magnificent assortment of evergreen conifers, ferns, and grasses, this beautiful artificial foliage patio tub is perfect for year-round exhibition. There’s even a matching foliage window box to boot!  

Maintaining faux winter arrangements

One of the primary benefits of artificial plants and flowers is the exceptionally low maintenance they entail. In fact, apart from an occasional dusting, our artificial arrangements demand minimal effort on your part. 

Wipe flowers clean with a damp cloth

Easy to clean  

Whilst modern artificial flowers are exceptionally lifelike and convincing, a layer of dust or a smudge is often all it takes to give them away. In our video guide Sarah talks us through the process of cleaning your artificial flowers ensuring they maintain their pristine appearance just like the day they were delivered. 

Protect faux flowers from winter weather 

Whilst our beautiful bouquets, bunches and arrangements are designed for indoor use, our outdoor flower displays are designed to withstand the elements. Therefore, a little weather is unlikely to do them any harm. For the more extreme weather conditions, we recommend reading our article on how to protect artificial plants outside

Pets and allergies

While we all appreciate the beauty of real flowers in the home, transitioning from fresh to artificial blooms can significantly alleviate allergies and hay fever symptoms for those unfortunate enough to experience them. However, this transition offers more than just allergy relief. 

Homes with active toddlers and pets can often find the concerns associated with real plants outweigh the joy they bring. Some natural plant varieties can be toxic if consumed or touched and they may even leave unsightly stains on clothing. With no threat of harm to pets or small children, many people are turning to fauxs for peace of mind. Now you can enjoy the beauty of lilies, hydrangeas and various other plants without any apprehension. 

For more information on the best fauxs to fight hayfever, visit our guide.  

Arranging Artificial Flowers into a Bouquet
Amy arranging one of our flower bouquets

How to make an artificial flower arrangement for winter  

How do you make winter flower arrangements? Creating your own floral arrangements has never been simpler! If you’re looking to unleash your creativity by crafting your dream bouquet with our artificial single stem flowers then follow our straightforward step-by-step video and instructions on how to arrange artificial flowers into a bouquet. If you’re looking to make one of our stylish bouquets your own, then here’s our top tips for trimming artificial flower stems. 

And there we have it! Our top tips for styling your home with winter florals. For more inspiration on how to incorporate fauxs into your space, why not head over to our inspiration gallery pages.