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Artificial Black Stem Bamboo
From: £45.99 inc VAT
Artificial Oriental Bamboo
From: £36.99 inc VAT
Artificial Natural Bamboo
From: £39.99 inc VAT

What to do when your faux bamboo arrives

We ship all of our artificial bamboo safely and securely in a narrow box to prevent movement and any potential damage while the product is in transit. This means that when your bamboo arrives, it won’t look exactly like the picture on our website. Please don’t panic. Spend some time bending the fronds out until you are happy with the appearance.

For more advice on the best way to do this, head over here to watch our short how to arrange an artificial plant guide.

Next, we strongly recommend planting the bamboo into a more decorative planter. This is for a couple of reasons. All of our bamboo trees come in a plain black travel pot (images shown on each product page). They’re not overly attractive, however they provide an excellent base for replanting. Adding a more decorative planter also provides the perfect finishing touches to your bamboo tree as well as vastly improving stability.

For more advice on potting artificial plants and trees, view our potting guide here (opens in a new tab).

Caring for your artificial bamboo

Buying an artificial bamboo is a simple way to have a fantastic oriental style plant in your home or office. One of, if not the number one reason for buying artificial is to alleviate yourself of the pesky maintenance and feeding that a natural version demands.

Your new bamboo plant requires none of the fuss. To keep it looking fresh, simply give it a quick dust as part of your normal cleaning routine.

For more information on cleaning artificial plants, visit our cleaning guide (opens in a new tab).

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