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Brussels Round
From: £9.99 inc VAT
b.for Soft Round
From: £9.99 inc VAT
From: £30.99 inc VAT
Algarve Cilindro
From: £9.99 inc VAT
Brussels Round Diamond
From: £10.99 inc VAT
b.for Rock
From: £9.49 inc VAT
Classic High Planter
From: £16.99 inc VAT
Vertical Garden Planter
From: £13.99 inc VAT
Allure Doppio
From: £40.99 inc VAT
Allure Ribbon
From: £49.99 inc VAT
Allure Ellips
From: £58.99 inc VAT
Pure Soft Round High
From: £53.99 inc VAT
Classic Planter
From: £8.79 inc VAT
Pure Cone
From: £59.99 inc VAT
Pure Soft Brick
From: £79.99 inc VAT
Pure Soft Brick Long
From: £145.99 inc VAT
Hanging Basket Wall Hook
From: £7.99 inc VAT
Brussels High
From: £30.99 inc VAT


Finishing touches can make a huge difference to your artificial plants, flowers and trees. Choosing a plant pot which compliments your plant and the space around it will not only make your new plant look more realistic, it will become a stunning feature in your home or garden.

Hanging baskets aren’t complete without a bracket and window boxes can be a stunning addition to a boring wall – yes we have a bracket for those too!

Add some sparkle with battery operated outdoor LED lights or simply replant your latest addition with earth and decorative stones.

Intelligent choices

Our expert team have individually chosen accessories to suit each product. As you go through the checkout process you will be offered our recommended plant pots, bracket, lights or a kit which will complete your artificial plant.

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