How to Pot or Plant Artificial Plants, Flowers & Trees
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  • Posted Jan 09 2017
One of our most frequently asked questions is how to pot an artificial plant or tree. This week’s blog (an updated version of our 2016 potting guide) will show you how simple it is to re-pot the faux plant and the massive benefits this can bring.

Our artificial plants (and those from other suppliers) generally arrive in one of three ways:

  1. In a plain starter pot
  2. On a spike
  3. Pre-potted into a container (like our window boxes and patio planters)
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Starter pots

If your plant or tree has arrived in a plain starter pot you may notice that it’s not particularly attractive or stable. This is because the pot is designed to act as a solid base to hold the artificial plant together and to ensure it isn’t overly top heavy.

We strongly recommend replanting the starter pot into a larger, more decorative planter or straight into the ground. This will not only add the perfect finishing touch to your new fake plant but also dramatically increase stability.

To secure your artificial plant into a plant pot...

You will need the following ingredients:

  • Earth or sand
  • Decorative stones, slate or bark
  • A plant pot larger* than the original starter pot
*Our general size guide is using a 22cm diameter pot for plants up to 120cm/ 4ft and a 30cm diameter plant pots for plants over 120cm/ 4ft. If you are unsure please contact us.

Then follow these simple instructions or watch our short how to video:

  1. Check the height of your planter compared to the foliage clearance of your artificial plant. If the planter is particularly deep, you may wish to prefill the plant pot.

  2. Top tip: This tip can also be used to slightly raise the overall height of the plant.

  3. Position your artificial plant centrally within the pot. You don’t need to remove the starter pot as this will act as a base. When you are happy with the height, fill around the pot with earth or sand.

  4. Top tip: If you need to move the plant frequently, replace the earth or sand with polystyrene chunks. This will make the plant lighter and much easier to move. Alternatively, buy a plant pot with built in wheels!

  5. Finish the job by covering the top with the decorative topping of your choice.
  6. You can permanently secure your artificial plant into a pot using expanding foam in lieu of step 2. For most people this is unnecessary and has the added drawback of being permanent.

To plant you fake plant into the ground…

  1. Dig a hole slightly larger than the products starter pot.
  2. Place the artificial plant into the ground.
  3. Pack the earth around the starter pot to ensure it is secure.

  4. Top tip: While you do this, ask someone to hold the tree straight. This will ensure your artificial plant, flower or tree isn’t wonky!

  5. Finish the job by filling the rest of the hole with earth. For the extra finishing touch you could add bark which will also keep those pesky weeds at bay!

Planting artificial plants and flowers on spikes

If you’ve purchased one of our flowering bushes, an ivy bush or garland your product will arrive on a plastic or wire spike. There are a couple of different things you can do with these products including placing them in a vase, making your own arrangement (like a hanging basket or window box) or planting them straight into the ground.

To make your own artificial arrangement…

You will need the following ingredients:

  • Foam oasis
  • A plant pot, hanging basket or trough
Then follow these simple instructions:

  1. Measure the pot, basket or trough you are intending to use.
  2. Cut the foam oasis so that it is slightly larger the container you are intending to use.

  3. Top tip: If the container is larger than one piece of oasis then use multiple pieces ensuring that the total length is slightly longer than your container.

  4. Push the oasis into your container. It should crumble slightly at the edge as your push it in, however this ensures that it is nice and snug and will not fall out easily.
  5. Cover the oasis and fill any gaps with earth, sand or gravel.
  6. Insert the spike into the oasis.
Top tip: Ensure that you use plenty of flowers so that the arrangement is full and luxurious. For advice, please contact our customer service team.

To plant an artificial plant on spike into the ground…

You won’t need anything extra to do this one...
  1. Simple stand or stomp on the ground where you are planning on planting your new faux plants. This will make a nice, firm base for the spike to sit within.
  2. Push the plants spike into the ground and far as it will go.
  3. Surround the base of the plant with lightly dug top soil or bark.
Top tip: try planting faux flowers amongst real ones. This means when the real ones are out of season or dying off, you garden will still have some colourful blooms!

Pre-potted artificial plants

Some of our artificial plants come in ready to use plant pots. Examples of this are our artificial window boxes, patio planters and hanging baskets. The foam oasis and plants are glued into these plant pots and therefore cannot be removed easily.

If you would like to recreate these arrangements in your own container please contact us. Most of the flowers and greenery is available separately and we can offer guidance about what and how many you will need to fill your container.

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How to Pot or Plant Artificial Plants, Flowers & Trees

This week’s blog (an updated version of our 2016 potting guide) will show you how simple it is to re-pot the faux plant and the massive benefits this can bring

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