Payments & promotions

Got a question or query about paying or our promotional offers? Chances are you'll find the answer here. If not, get in touch.

Payments FAQ

Our website and order systems are hosted behind a protected firewall designed to prevent any unauthorised access. Our site is also protected by a security certificate which encrypts all data entered on our website. Additionally, we’ll never store, record, or keep a copy of your full card details.

Card payments are processed by Braintree payments (a subsidiary of Paypal) who are a level one PCI DSS compliance service provider. This basically means they follow the strictest rules out there. Learn more here.

If you're trying to pay, but our website won't accept your details, it could be for a few reasons:

1. Check your mobile / banking app

Modern security sometimes requires additional authentication. Check your phone for a confirmation message or way to confirm the order is genuine.

2. Contact your bank

Sometimes banks block online payments for security reasons... such as if you've made several purchases in quick succession. A quick call normally resolves this and allows the order to go through.

3. There's a technical issue with our site

Occassionally, a gremlin may have got into the system and blocks a payment from going through. If you've checked the above and the relevant funds are available, get in touch and we'll get it sorted.

Due to the nature of the clearing system, card payments will be taken immediately.

We accept:

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • Apple Pay

  • Paypal

  • American Express

You can pay online, over the phone on 0800 9777 589, or by bank transfer.

We can offer credit to certain organisations and businesses subject to a credit check. We are only able to arrange this after a minimum of 3 orders / total spend of more than £1,000.

Yes. Send it over and we'll send you back an invoice for payment.

You can save your payment information to your account for faster checkout. However for security reasons, you'll still need to enter the three digits on the back of your card everytime you pay.

You can remove saved payment methods at any time via the account area of our site.

Promotions FAQ

The following terms and conditions relate solely to special offers advertised on our website. All terms are additional to our full terms and conditions set out here. If you do not agree with these or our full terms and conditions you should not proceed with a purchase.

If you have any queries relating to a current or previous offer, please contact our customer service team.

Multi-buy offers

This covers offers such as buy 25 & save 20%, 3 for 2’s, buy 1 & get 1 half price etc.

  • Where relevant, discounts will be applied to the lowest price item(s).

  • Offers are applied at the checkout automatically.

  • Offers are strictly valid for the advertised period.

  • Multi-buy offers may be amended at any time without notice. This will generally be based on availability or commercial factors such as international shipping rates.

Fixed price offers

These offers cover regular sale pricing and are fixed amounts per product.

  • Amounts are automatically removed from your order total.

  • Offers end on the specified date or while stocks last.

  • Offers may also be withdrawn if an error has occurred.

Percentage discounts

These offers cover voucher codes such as those we send out via email.

  • Discount codes are applied on the basket page.

  • Discount codes cannot be applied after the order has been processed.

  • Codes are valid until the stated expiry date. If no date is specified, they are valid for 365 days from the issue date.

Returning items bought within offers

Should you choose to return an item purchased as part of a promotion, your order and discount amount will be recalculated based on the remaining order information.

If the order is still above promotional price breaks, we will refund the discounted price of the product.

If the order falls below the promotional price breaks, we will recalculate the discount amount and refund the remaining sum.

For example if you had purchased 12 roses at £5 each and qualified for a 20% off multi-buy promotion, you would have paid £50. However returning 3 roses, would take you below the 20% off break, meaning you would have originally paid £45. Therefore your refund would be £50 - £45 = £5.

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