The perfect Mother's Day gift guide


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and is the perfect time to spoil your mum.

If you’re stuck or in need of some inspiration, we’re here to help. Our Mother’s Day gift guide is full of our hand-picked pleasers which are sure to pop a smile on your mum’s face come Sunday 19th March.

Purple vanda orchid on a desk with a lamp

Amethyst bouquet

Nothing shows appreciation like a beautiful bouquet and it’s fair to say the amethyst bouquet exceeds that moniker easily! Featuring sumptuously subtle lilac tones, this piece of purple perfection is the ideal way to say thank you.

Think another bouquet might be more your mum’s style? Check out our whole range of artificial bouquets.

Amethyst bouquet on a stool with several artificial plants in the background

Vanda orchid

Available in pink and purple the vanda orchid is a beloved faux friend that makes a fantastic Mother’s Day surprise. Expertly crafted for the indoors, the vanda orchid also has the advantage of being a truly timeless classic that lasts far longer then anything off the supermarket shelf!

Think your mum would prefer a different style? Explore our array of orchids.

Pink vanda orchid on a desk

Wisteria tree

The wisteria tree is a wistfully wonderful artificial accessory for indoors. Available in a variety of sizes from a princely 4ft to a kingly 6ft this is a Mother’s Day must-have! What’s more, the wisteria tree even comes in a choice of a deep purple or supreme cream, so you are sure to find a style that’s perfect for mum!   

Check out our full range of flowering trees if you’re not sure the wisteria is her type.

Artificial purple wisteria tree in a bedroom

Mixed flower window box

When going down the horticultural route for Mother’s Day, it can be very difficult to decide on just one particular plant or tree. Fortunately, the mixed flower window box has you covered with its delicate blend of luscious lavender, gorgeous geraniums, and stunning star flowers, all embedded within highly realistic long green grass leaves! The geraniums even come in a choice of pink, cream, and red to ensure there’s a mixed flower window box that suits every taste.

Wishing for a window box of a different variety? Take a look at our wide range of window boxes.

Mixed flower window box on a porch

Busy lizzie hanging basket

A classy ornament for any garden, the busy lizzie hanging basket represents an exquisite Mother’s Day present. Available in your choice of light pink or hot pink, this maintenance-free masterpiece is super easy to install thanks to its strong steel hook and chain that can latch onto appropriate positions with ease.

Have your heart set on a different hanging basket? Take a look at our full set of hanging baskets to find one that you know she’ll love!

Busy lizzie hanging basket on a hook in front of a barn door

Hydrangea bush

A more budget-friendly option, what the hydrangea bush lacks in price it more than makes up for with its life-like realism. With both a beautiful blue and a perfect pink option available, you can take advantage of our multi-buy deal with a 10% discount if you purchase 10 hydrangea bushes so mum can piece together her very own custom delightful display!  

Mix and match with our complete set of budget-friendly flowering bushes.

Pink hydrangea bush's on a park bench

Not found what you were looking for?

We hope our handy little guide has gone some way to helping you find the perfect gift this Mother’s Day. If you didn’t see anything on here that caught your eye, then why not check out the rest of our Mother's Day collection?

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