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Hanging artificial bamboo fauliage
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Style Your Interior With Artificial Hanging Plants

Using in-vogue artificial hanging plants is a really simple way to add attractive greenery in and around your home. Hanging faux plants are ideal for dark corners where natural plants won’t survive, masking unsightly areas or for adding a little pop of colour to a shelf.

Best of all, you will not need to worry about watering, feeding or hassle. Fake hanging plants are maintenance and hassle free!

Whether you’re looking for something traditional like ivy for your kitchen or something a little more tropical for your bathroom, there is a hanging plant for every room.

Faux hanging plants trailing from ledge

What Options Are There?

Hanging faux greenery is a growing category. As a result, the options are more numerous and the varieties are becoming more interesting. Choose from standard ivy to ceropegia woodii (otherwise known as string of hearts) to faux hanging monstera plants.

The first choice to make is based on where you would like to use the fake hanging plant. We offer UV stable hanging plants that are ideal for use outside like the hanging fern and ivy bush. If you are planning to use the plant indoors then you can choose from the full range above.

Once you have decided on an indoor or outdoor location, the next choice is whether you want a potted hanging plant or one on a spike. Pre-potted faux hanging plants include the senecio or string of pearls and the hanging ficus pumila. These hanging plants arrive in a small pot ready to hang. The hanging plants that arrive on a spike are versatile can be potted in a pot of choice or can be wedged under or in between things.

Bookcase with hanging artificial plants trailing from it

Where Can You Use Faux Hanging Plants?

Hanging artificial plants are a popular choice for dark corners and hard to reach areas. The greenery dangles creating a great feature without the hassle of having to maintain the plant. The faux nature of the greenery also means that light (or lack of) won’t result in the plant wilting and dying.

Our customers use hanging plants indoors in a range of places such as trailing from the top of kitchen cabinets, cascading from shelves or hanging in top corners of bathrooms.

Outdoors, hanging plants are more commonly used to mask unsightly fences and trellises. The plants are dense and easy to weave around things. This makes them a better option than garlands. They also don’t need to be fixed with staples or nails which makes them easier to work with than faux living wall products.

Artificial hanging ivy plant in bathroom

Artificial hanging plants trailing from shelf

Artificial hanging string of pearls faux plant in Scandi interior

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