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White Dream Bouquet
From: £78.99 inc VAT
Mystic Summer Bouquet
From: £81.99 inc VAT
Summer Shades Bouquet
From: £109.99 inc VAT
Exotic Bouquet
From: £74.99 inc VAT
Flame Roses Bouquet
From: £64.99 inc VAT
Christmas Bouquet
From: £43.99 inc VAT
Sensitive Spring Bouquet
From: £50.39 inc VAT From: £55.99 inc VAT

Beautiful fake bouquets made from high quality real touch silk

Buying artificial flower bouquets is a difficult step for many. There’s a concern that they will be made from hard plastics and will not be very realistic at all. Our artificial bouquets will change this. Our range of bouquets are manufactured from high quality real touch silk and are cut to precision. They feature a range of blooming flowers and ready to bloom buds along with a selection of complimentary foliage.

Our fake bouquets come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Starting with the classic rose bouquet to its fiery sibling; the flame rose bouquet all the way to the space-age exotic mix. Each bouquet contains a different number of stems. Generally speaking, the more stems the higher the price and the more luxurious your artificial flower display will be.

View our range of artificial bouquets below or see our full selection of artificial flowers here.

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