Artificial Cheese Plant

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  • Height: 115cm (4ft)
  • Width: 50cm
  • Pot Dimensions: 20cm Ø x 14cm (H)
  • Natural wood stem
  • Plastic leaves
  • Leaves per tree: 61

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Designed for Indoor Use

This product is designed for indoor use because it isn't UV stable.

This doesn't necessarily mean that you can't use them outside.... we just don't recommend it.

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True Measurements

Artificial plants are measured in a range of different ways.

The measurements shown on this page are accurate once the plant has been fully dressed out.

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Reviews & Questions

Here's Everything You Need To Know

What options are there?

We offer the faux cheese plant in three different sizes: 120cm (4ft), 150cm (5ft) and 180cm (6ft). When your cheese plant arrives, you will notice some wire around the leaf stems. This is used when cultivating natural cheese plants to provide the leaves with additional support. If you remove it, the leaves will bend over more than necessary.

Will you be able to tell it’s not real?

This exotic plant has a range of features that make it look incredibly authentic. The stem is real wood which really couldn’t get any more genuine and it’s also covered in coir just like its natural counterpart. The leaves are glossy and come in several sizes and shades of green to mimic new growing leaves.

Where should you put it?

There are endless ways to use the cheese plant in your home. Put it in a large pot or basket in the corner of your room for a jungle vibe and use it in your bedroom or lounge. You could also use it in your hallway for a great first impression to your home.

For more ideas, scroll up to see photos of how our customers have used the cheese plant in their homes.

When the cheese plant arrives, this is what you need to do:

  1. Unpack
  2. Your cheese plant will arrive securely packed in a strong box. The pot and foliage may be packed in extra protection to keep it safe during transit. This should be removed and recycled.

    In the unlikely case that your cheese plant has arrived damaged, please contact us as soon as possible.

  3. Arrange
  4. When your cheese plant arrives, the foliage may be standing upright. This is because our team have packed it tightly into its box to ensure it gets to you safely. To correct this, you only need to spend a few minutes firmly bending out the fronds. Each frond has an internal wire which allows you to bend the foliage into a more natural position so that the shiny side of the leaves are showing.

    You can use our photos above for guidance or use an image of a real monstera plant to make sure your cheese plant is looking its best. For more help, watch our guide to arranging your artificial plant here.

    Remember not to remove the wire!

  5. Finishing touches
  6. Your artificial cheese plant will arrive in a small black pot. The pot is weighted to give the cheese plant a stable, sturdy base. We recommend replanting your faux tree into something larger and more decorative to further increase its stability and improve its appearance. You can use one of your own pots or shop our range of premium planters here.

    When you come to repot your cheese plant, the process couldn’t be any easier. You can simply place the tree and starter pot into your new planter and fill around the edges with sand, soil or decorative stones. For more guidance, watch our potting guide here.

What about ongoing maintenance?

Being artificial, your cheese plant will never require watering, feeding and won’t need to be cut back. You will however need to clean it occasionally to remove any dust and keep the leaves glossy for a realistic look.

Did you know?

Cheese plants or splitleaf philodendron are native to the rain forests of southern Mexico and South America. Growing up to 20m (65ft) tall with leaves measuring up to 90cm (3ft) long, cheese plants require high humidity and shade to survive and will die out quickly if exposed to extreme cold or frosty conditions. Fortunately, your new artificial cheese plant is ‘fully grown’ out of the box and requires no specific climate control – making them perfect low maintenance office plants.

Looking for something else?

If the artificial cheese plant isn’t what you’re looking for, view our full range of palm trees and exotic plants here.

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