Artificial Cheese Plant

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  • BA6CP
  • Height: 180cm (6ft)
  • Width: 70cm
  • Pot Dimensions: 25cm Ø x 20cm (H)
  • Natural wood stem
  • Plastic leaves
  • Leaves per tree: 78

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Categories: Large Plants, Office Plants, Trees, Palm & Exotic Trees

Designed for Indoor Use

This product is designed for indoor use because it isn't UV stable.

This doesn't necessarily mean that you can't use them outside.... we just don't recommend it.

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True Measurements

Artificial plants are measured in a range of different ways.

The measurements shown on this page are accurate once the plant has been fully dressed out.

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Reviews & Questions

Here's Everything You Need To Know

What options are there?

We offer the faux cheese plant in three sizes: 120cm (4ft), 150cm (5ft) and a large 180cm (6ft). The smallest size is well suited to sitting on or next to a sideboard or in a pot on a stand. The larger artificial cheese plants can hold their own in a pot in the corner of your room.

When cheese plant arrives, you may notice some wire around the stems. This is used when growing natural potted Swiss cheese plant because the root systems cannot support the height If you remove these wires, the leaves will bend over more than necessary. As a result, we recommend they are left on the plant.

Will you be able to tell it’s not real?

This fake cheese plant has been a stalwart of our range since 2013 which is a testament to the overall quality.

The cheese plant’s leaves are glossy and come in a variety of sizes and colours to mimic both mature leaves and new growth. The stems are then trained around a supporting coir covered pole.

Where should you put it?

There are endless ways to use the Swiss cheese plant. Many of our customers put them in an oversized pot or seagrass basket in the corner of their lounge or conservatories for a jungle vibe. As one of our larger indoor plants, the cheese plant is a popular office plant. The cheese plant is not UV stable, therefore we do not recommend using it outdoors.

For more ideas, scroll through the gallery below to see photos of how previous customers are using the faux cheese plant in their homes and offices.

When the cheese plant arrives, this is what you need to do:

  1. Unpack
  2. Your artificial cheese plant will arrive in a strong box. The pot and foliage will have extra packaging to keep it safe during transit. This should be removed and recycled. If your order arrives damaged, please let us know as soon as possible.

  3. Arrange
  4. All of our plants are tightly packed to reduce the risk of damage. This means the cheese plant’s leaves will be upright when you take it out of the box. To correct this, you need to firmly adjust the foliage into a more natural shape.

    Each stem has an internal wire that can be adjusted until you are happy with the overall appearance. Use the photos on our website as a reference. For more help, see our guide to arranging artificial plants here.

    Remember not to remove the orange wires!

  5. Finishing touches
  6. Your cheese plant will arrive in a small black pot which is sometimes called a starter pot. The pot is weighted to give the artificial jungle plant a stable base. We recommend planting this into a larger and more decorative plant pot which will increase the plants stability and help it blend into its new home.

    Repotting a faux cheese plant is easy. Simply place the starter pot inside your new pot and fill around it with earth, sand or soil. Then add stones or bark for decoration. For more help. See our potting instructions here.

What about ongoing maintenance?

Fake cheese plants do not need the level of care their natural counterparts demand. You won’t need to water or feed it and you definitely will not need to worry about the plant withering while you are on holiday. We do suggest giving the leaves a quick dust from time to time to keep them looking fresh.

Did you know?

Cheese plants are native to the jungles of southern Mexico and South America. Here they can reach staggering heights of up to 20m (65ft) and have leaves as large as 90cm (3ft).

Looking for something else?

If the faux cheese plant isn’t what you’re looking for, we have a couple of close alternatives. Choose between the small artificial monstera, the mini split philo, a hanging monstera plant or the narrower fake monstera deliciosa.

Or if you are looking for something more exotic, view all of our artificial palm plants here.

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