Make your space a happy place

Annabel Thain Content Marketing Executive

Check out our latest video and see how easy it is to transform your space into a happier place with easy, instant plants, trees and flowers.

We're on a mission to make empty spaces happier places for everyone.

It doesn't matter how poor your plant skills are or how little time you have on your hands, a bit of low-effort greenery can transform your space in an instant, without any fuss.

Make your space a happy place

See how you can instantly and easily turn your space into a happy place.

Get started on transforming your space...

Looking for plants?

Meet our family of fab faux plants, from lush hanging plants to small potted greenery.

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Artificial amethyst bouquet on side table by an armchair

Flowers to brighten your day.

We've got beautiful bouquets, orchids and outdoor flower arrangements to cheer up your home and garden.

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Beautify your outdoor space

Enjoy a beautiful garden with unbelievably lifelike plants, trees and flowers, minus the hassle!

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Bring your workspace to life

Transform your office into a blooming paradise filled with calming greenery, tropical trees and desktop plant pals.

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