Introducing our 2023 Christmas collection

Alick Burnett Managing director 🌻

From wreaths to garlands, bundles to trees, take a sneak peek at our Christmas collection, complete with some brand spanking new additions. Simply brimming with festive cheer, you’re sure to find a Christmas aesthetic to perfectly suit your home and style!

Artificial festive poinsettia fiesta-style garland over fireplace

We absolutely love Christmas; not only does it give us that warm and fuzzy feeling inside, but it's also the perfect example of how a home can be completely transformed and enhanced by foliage – real or fake! And whilst we strongly believe that ‘a faux is for life, not just for Christmas,’ that doesn’t mean we don’t have a great range of festive favourites guaranteed to float your gravy boat!  

From artificial wreaths to garlands, bundles to trees, take a sneak peek at our Christmas collection, complete with some brand spanking new additions. Simply brimming with festive cheer, you’re sure to find a Christmas aesthetic to perfectly suit your home and style!  

Winter wonderland Christmas wreath

Artificial Christmas wreaths 

Extend a warm welcome to your seasonal guests by hanging one of our exquisite artificial Christmas wreaths upon your door. Our artificial wreaths not only radiate cheer but also boast exceptional quality. Designed for longevity, our wreaths are guaranteed be enjoyed for years to come.  

So, whether you're aiming for that snug cottage ambiance or a sleek and contemporary feel, explore our collection to discover the perfect wreath to complement your unique festive style! 

 Here are a few of our favourites... 

  1. Start the celebrations off with a pop! A sparkling example of elegance and style, our artificial champagne celebration wreath is bubbling with gilded poinsettia flowers, winter foliage and ornaments. 

  2. May your days be merry and bright with our gorgeous artificial white Christmas wreath. Elegant and festive, it is ideal for adding a touch of Christmas magic to your home.   

  3. A beautiful bohemian option, our artificial British woodland wreath is a gorgeous display of rustic foliage, dotted with subtle blue juniper berries. Elegant and stylish, this wreath is sure to be enjoyed for years to come.  

Artificial festive poinsettia fiesta-style garland over fireplace

Artificial Christmas garlands 

Get that holly jolly Christmas feeling with our artificial Christmas garlands.  Select from an incredible range of colours and designs, spanning from timeless modern to nostalgic romance. Whether elegantly draped across a mantlepiece or gracefully entwined around a staircase or tree, our Christmas garlands are destined to become cherished family ornaments that you'll be eager to unpack year after year. 

Here are our top picks… 

  1. Give your interior a wintery feel this Christmas with the snowy artificial Siberian garland. Featuring a frosty mix of pinecones and forestry foliage, the Siberian festive garland works perfectly with country cottage or neutral modern décor. 

  2. T’is the season… and our artificial peppermint garland is sure to bring you plenty of festive joy! Red holly berries nestle amongst a classic red and white colourway to create a charming, cheerful ornament. It’s then all tied together with a festive ribbon for good measure. Beautiful draped upon a mantlepiece or staircase or wrapped around the tree. 

  3. Our eye-catching artificial Christmas fiesta garland does a stunning job of blending the bold bright reds of the poinsettia flower with the equally alluring, crimson-coloured holly berries. Add one to your space for instant festive cheer. 

Artificial Christmas trees 

Bring joy to the world (or to your hallway or living room) with one of our realistic artificial Christmas trees. Our assortment of beautiful artificial Christmas trees offers a diverse array of shapes, sizes, and styles, tailored to suit your space and budget. Each tree boasts an extraordinary level of realism and durability, ensuring they endure through countless festive seasons to come!  

  1. Our artificial Oregon pine Christmas tree is traditional, effortless and stunning. The ‘Holiday Inn’ of Christmas trees, this is the ideal choice for those looking to keep things classic.  

  2. A luxurious pine adorned with a delicate frost; our artificial balsam pine Christmas tree is the perfect choice for the hopeless romantic amongst us. Get the mistletoe at the ready, as you’re about to fall in love!  

  3. As beautiful as the state with which it shares its name, our artificial Minnesota pine Christmas tree has all the festive charm of a hallmark movie! But forget dropping needles- this faux alternative is completely drama free. 

Christmas bundles  

Looking to get Christmas all wrapped up early? Then look no further than our festive bundles. Our bundles are a great way of effortlessly creating a cohesive festive scheme, as well as helping you save up to 10% off the price of buying separately (bundle price applies after 1st October 2023).  

  1. Introducing the opulent artificial champagne celebrations bundle. This sparkling wreath and garland will surely have you raising your glass to their effervescent elegance!  

  2. Add a bit of sparkle to your Christmas interior with our artificial gilded bundle. Gorgeous gold foliage marries together with pinecones and baubles to create an elegant and a dramatic decoration. Perfect for adding an extra festive flourish to a doorway, mantlepiece or staircase. 

  3. Featuring a gorgeously wintery wreath and garland, our opulent artificial midnight snow bundle is adorned with snow dusted winter foliage, pinecones and white and blue ornaments. With all the frosty ambience of a Christmas eve night, it’s the perfect addition to any home.  

For more festive fauxs, browse our entire Christmas range here.  

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