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Useful Information

Maximise the Lifespan of Artificial Flowers

The majority of flowers in our window box arrangements are made from silk and are therefore not UV stable. However we have a number a tips to help maximise the products lifespan.

Read about UV resistance.

Make Your Own Window Box

If our pre-made arrangements don’t take your fancy, why not check out our short how to make your own window box guide.

How to guide coming soon.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Artificial flower window boxes are very low maintenance. However there are still a couple of things you can do to keep the arrangements looking fresh.

Find out more here.

Colourful Fake Window Box Displays

Artificial window boxes are an easy way to add stunning year round colour to your home and garden. They’re incredibly low maintenance and will look fabulous all year round. For added authenticity, swap out colourful summer arrangements like the best-selling mixed flower window box for evergreen boxes like the traditional foliage window box.

Because artificial flower and foliage window boxes require no watering and ongoing maintenance, they’re ideal for hard to reach areas like second floor window ledges or office and commercial environments where no one is on hand to care for the flower arrangements.

Being artificial has one final benefit. No pollen. If you, a family member or colleague suffers from hay fever or another plant related allergy, then artificial window boxes offer vibrant flower arrangements without the side effects.

All of our window boxes include incredibly realistic, vibrant flowers and detailed foliage that have been lovingly assembled by our designers. Each arrangement has a distinctive style and usual centres around a specific flower species or colour group.

Using Artificial Window Boxes

The beauty of artificial flower boxes is that they provide instant colour straight out of the box. No arranging is required, so all you need to think about is positioning and securing the arrangement.

For balconies, we now offer (coming soon) an adjustable bracket which hooks over the railings. The balcony bracket has a minimum width of 2.6cm and maximum width of 5.5cm, so if you balcony rail is either slimmer than this or wider than this, then unfortunately our bracket is unsuitable.

We also offer an adjustable wall bracket. Simply screw the brackets to your home’s wall, fence or shed and pop the window box into the bracket. Using wall brackets also allows multi-tiered arrangements to spread even more colour!

Alternatively, as the name suggests, place the window box on your window ledge. The boxes are weighted so shouldn’t need any additional fixings. However if you are worried we suggest using double sided tape to add some additional resistance.

Anatomy of our Window Boxes

Our range of window boxes all feature the same body. The only thing that differs is the selection of flowers and foliage used to style the box.

Our window boxes use a black 60cm long Stewart window trough. It’s made from high quality plastic making it durable, lightweight and UV stable. We add ballast to give the window box some weight and a low centre of gravity which should prevent the box from blowing over too easily.

After this, we add a glue a layer of made to measure dry artificial flower oasis into the trough. Flowers and foliage are then inserted and glued securely into the arrangement. The oasis is then topped with a layer of faux moss for added authenticity.

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