Artificial Hydrangea Plant

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Here's Everything You Need To Know

Your artificial hydrangea plant will arrive in a plain black pot. Your artificial plant has been cemented into this pot to provide stability, however we do suggest replanting your artificial hydrangea plant into a more decorative pot to add extra stability especially if you are placing it outside. We offer a large selection of premium plastic pots, suitable for both indoor and outside use. If you would like some advice on replanting your artificial tree, head over to The Potting Shed or watch our step by step how to video!

Hydrangeas are native to east and south Asia as well as North and South America. There are over 70 species of hydrangeas that are either deciduous or evergreen. Their flowers are either pom-pom shapes or flat headed (also known as mopheads and lacecaps). The colour of the hydrangea is determined by the soil is it planted in. Hydrangeas are a very thirsty plant, hence the name, and require lots of watering and maintenance. With our artificial hydrangea plant, no such thing is required. Just sit back and enjoy its beauty.

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