Artificial Heliconia Plant

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  • Height: 140cm
  • Width: 44 - 70 (depending on how arrangement)
  • Pot measurements: 15cm (Ø) x 13cm (h)

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Designed for Indoor Use

This product is designed for indoor use because it isn't UV stable.

This doesn't necessarily mean that you can't use them outside.... we just don't recommend it.

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Reviews & Questions

Here's Everything You Need To Know

What options are there?

The artificial heliconia tree is available in two sizes: 4ft and 6ft (approximately). The TBC size tree measures TBC tall and TBC wide and the TBC size tree measures TBC wide and TBC tall. This measurement is taken from the bottom of the pot to the top of the foliage once the plant has been fully dressed out. It comes professionally pre-potted in a small black travel pot designed to keep it in place during transit, which can be re-potted into something larger and more decorative.

Will you be able to you tell it’s not real?

The heliconia is manufactured using top quality materials including polyethylene to achieve an unbelievably natural look. Its long stems begin in various shades of light green and fade upwards into a darker hue for a realistic two tone effect that imitates new growth. At the end of each stem sprout oval leaves in smaller and larger sizes featuring intricately detailed veins on both the top and underside of the leaf. Finally, the fronds and leaves are malleable, allowing you to bend out the foliage into a natural position until you’re happy with the overall appearance.

Where should you put it?

This tropical beauty is designed for indoor use only. The natural heliconia plant thrives in sunlight so would look most convincing in your conservatory or in a room filled with natural light. Alternatively pot it up in a large stylish planter and use it in your hallway, lounge or bedroom for a large splash of everlasting colour.

When the heliconia arrives, this is what you need to do:

  1. Unpack
  2. When your heliconia arrives, remove it from its cardboard box and packaging. Recycle the packaging where possible. In the unlikely case that your new faux friend arrives damaged, please contact us as soon as possible.

  3. Arrange
  4. After unboxing, begin to firmly bend out the fronds and straighten out any leaves just like you would with an artificial Christmas tree. You can use our images above to help and for further guidance, watch our step by step guide here.

    After being packed safely in its box, you may find a few creases but there’s no need to be alarmed. If these don’t straighten out by running your hands over them, they should drop out on their own over the next few days.

  5. Add finishing touches
  6. Once your heliconia is dressed out and looking its best, we strongly recommend that you re-pot it into a larger and more attractive pot. Although it does arrive in a small starter pot, this is mainly used to hold the plant together and give it a sturdy base. By re-potting your heliconia you will dramatically increase its stability and give it a more natural look that finishes off its appearance.

    To do this, place the tree and its starter pot into your new larger planter. Next, fill in any gaps with sand, soil or stones for additional weight. Finally, top with some decorative stones and there you have it - your artificial heliconia will look like it’s been ‘growing’ for years!

    For more information on how to re-pot your artificial plants, watch our video guide here.

What about ongoing maintenance?

If you were to own a natural heliconia plant, it would require continuous water to survive, excellent drainage, full sunlight, fertiliser and cutting back once a month. That’s a lot of hassle you won’t need to worry about! The main advantage of using artificial plants is the lack of maintenance that’s needed to keep them looking amazing. The only thing your faux heliconia will need to be happy is a quick dust from time to time.

To find out more about cleaning artificial plants, read our guide here.

Did you know?

The heliconia tree is named after Mount Helicon, also known as the seat of the Muses, the goddesses of art and science in Greek mythology. The coloured bracts are so long that they limit pollination to only specialised birds like the Humming Bird.

Looking for something else?

If the heliconia isn’t what you’re looking for, view our full range of artificial palm and exotic trees here.

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