Artificial tropical living wall

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Exotic, care-free colour!

  • UV stable
  • Dense
  • No care

Dense, calming greenery, striking red anthuriums and hints of uplifting purple make our tropical living wall a showstopper!

Fix it to your surface, indoors or out, to give your space an instant glow-up.

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Reviews & questions

Everything you need to know

Our artificial tropical living wall is an instant remedy to bring bare walls and old fencing back to life!

We love the way it can transform a bland wall into an exotic oasis within minutes, enriching your space with dense foliage including English ivy, large ferns, grasses, and bold red anthuriums.

With included UV blockers, this faux living wall can be used in your interior or out in your garden to create your own slice of paradise and best of all, there’s no hassle of trying to maintain it.

Our artificial forest green foliage living wall comes in 100 x 100 cm mats which can be simply clipped together with a/b connectors. Four mats cover one square metre. Simply measure, get them delivered straight to your door and get creative! We’ve even developed a handy calculator to help you estimate how many mats you will need but should you need help or advice, our friendly fake-green-fingered team is on-hand.

Artificial living wall panels are easier than you think to install. Check out our in depth step-by-step guide to installing an artificial living wall or watch the video above.

Work out how many mats you need

Most of our living wall panels are either 25cm2, 50cm2, or 1m2. So, you’ll need either 16, 4, or 1 per square meter. The mats can be cut to shape and size to fit your space perfectly with some strong scissors if you need to.

Create a frame

For ease and to prevent damage to your wall, we recommend making a simple wood frame or purchasing some trellis. Attach this frame to your wall using fixings that are recommended for your wall type.

Join the mats together

All of our green wall panels have A/B connectors which slot into each other to create a seamless roll of foliage. If you’re covering a large area, join manageable strips together. You can join the rest once the mats are attached to the wooden frame.

Attach the green wall panels to the frame

The faux living wall foliage can be attached to the frame using hooks, cable ties or our preferred method; a staple gun.

This final step is easier with two people. One person who can hold the living wall in place, and then another person can secure it to the frame.

Indoors, an artificial green wall can last for 10 years, or as long as you want them in place. If you’re using them outside, the sun, wind, rain and other weather will reduce their lifespan.

Most of our artificial living wall products will last for at least 3 years outside in the UK.

Adding a living wall indoors is a great way to bring the outdoors in and over the years we've seen it all from secret doors to botanical bedrooms and trendy biophilic office spaces. What's more, an indoor living wall will last longer than outdoors as it won't have to endure the elements.

Installing an indoor living wall works just the same as an outdoor one, just make sure to use fixings suitable for your wall type!

Green walls are a fab way to help minimise noise as the foliage will help to absorb sound and reduce the reverberation time, especially in rooms that have concrete or stone floors.

If the tropical living wall isn’t what you’re looking for, you can find our extensive range of artificial green wall here.

Did you know?

Living walls can be a great way to reduce stress!

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