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pink phalaenosis orchid
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Artificial indoor potted orchid
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Artificial Pink Vanda Orchid Desktop Flower
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Useful Information

UV Resistance

Our range of artificial orchids are made from delicate silk and latex and are therefore designed for indoor use only.

To find out more information about using plants outdoors, read our Ultimate Guide to UV Resistance.

How to Clean Artificial Orchids

Your orchids don’t need any watering or feeding but they might need a quick dust from time to time. This only takes a few minutes and we’ve created a quick video guide to show you how to keep your orchids looking their best.

Watch our video guide here.

How to Pot Artificial Orchids

Your orchid will arrive either supported by artificial moss or pre potted in a small black pot. We recommend that you re pot your orchid into a more decorative planter to finish off the look and improve the stability. We’ve created a quick step by step video guide to help.

Watch our video guide here.

Using Artificial Orchids

Real orchids are renowned for being difficult to maintain. You need to make sure they’re getting the right light, you’re not over or under watering them, that they’re in the correct environment and on top of all that they need regular feeding!

With our range of beautiful faux orchids you can leave that all behind. Your artificial orchid only needs a few minutes spent fluffing out the foliage and voila!

Realistic Quality

Our orchids are like no other! In the past you may have found other artificial orchids to have obvious plastic clips and unrealistic flowers. Our replicas join seamlessly at the stem and feature large, deep green leaves. Natural bamboo canes inserted into the artificial root system support the long orchid stems so they can stand tall and show off their impressive real-touch flowers.

We check the foliage, colour, shape and size of our orchids against their natural alternatives to ensure they look and feel as realistic as possible.

Why Choose Artificial Orchids

Wide Range

We stock three beautiful orchids to suit your home décor. Our phalaenopsis orchid earned its name through the look of its flowers, which are said to appear like a moth in flight. It features three supported stems, deep green oval leaves, exposed roots and a mixture of fully developed and budding flowers in a choice of pink or white. The large white orchid is our biggest, most impressive orchid. Standing tall from 3 – 5ft in artificial moss, you can’t miss this beauty. Finally, our stunningorchid in moss features a unique exposed root system and delicate white petals.

But don’t just take it from us, find out what real customers think by reading the reviews on the relevant product pages.


Although the upfront cost of artificial orchids is usually more than real orchids, in the long run they work out to be much more affordable. You’ll never have to pay for feeding, repotting or replacing your orchid and don’t forget all the time you’ll save too.

Allergies and Toxins

Although orchids are not toxic to pets, a percentage of the population may be sensitive to the orchid sap which can cause dermatitis as an allergic reaction.

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