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Boxwood, buxus or cedar?

Boxwood, our most affordable choice, offers a tightly trimmed appearance. The trimmed foliage provides a smart, professional and realistic choice for creating hedge screening and borders.

Natural Growth buxus offers an uncut, fluffy finish. This offers the most realistic artificial box hedging currently available making it the ideal choice for high-end developments, restaurants and shopping centres.

Cedar is the latest addition to our range of finishes and is modelled on conifer hedgerows. Natural Growth cedar provides the most depth and arguably the nicest appearance. What’s more, you won’t find cedar hedging anywhere else!

Each Natural Growth foliage is UV stable and is suitable for use outside. We do recommend moving these hedges to a sheltered area during extreme weather.

What is Natural Growth foliage?

Our buxus and cedar artificial hedges are manufactured using our premium Natural Growth foliage mats. The UV stable foliage is mounted onto two differing back templates - a top and side mat.

The foliage on the Natural Growth side mat is mounted onto a PVC back-plate at an acute angle giving the appearance of natural, upward growing foliage. This creates a seamless finish with the Natural Growth top mat.

Boxwood, like other cheaper artificial hedges, is manufactured using a top foliage mat only which results in a slightly less seamless finish.

Unique base design

All of our artificial hedges come with our uniquely designed trough. The trough features a built-in base and a screw-fixed removable panel allowing you to add necessary weight.

We strongly recommend adding ballast (bricks, sandbags or something of similar weight) to all artificial hedging. This will stop them from blowing over or being stolen!

Choice of 6 coloured bases

Choose between natural (unstained), black, green, brown, grey and white colour options for your artificial hedge's base. We’ll then apply two layers of wood stain to perfectly compliment your hedge and its surrounding area.

We use premium wood stain to ensure a long-lasting finish. Other colours are available on request for an extra charge of £30.00.

Complimentary base heights

We’ve chosen different base heights to compliment each of the hedges we offer.

Our smallest hedges come with a single height trough (120mm high), our mid-sized come with double height troughs (240mm high) and our largest come with triple height troughs (360mm).

This means our hedges always feature more foliage than wood and you will have enough room to add extra weight for the taller hedging.

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