Blooming Artificial’s Pop-Up Garden
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  • Posted Jul 30 2018

What a day!

On Friday 27th July 2018, we built a pop-up garden in the centre of Norwich using hundreds of artificial plants. We arrived at 6am and brought a lorry-load of artificial plants from ferns and palms to flowers and shrubs to create a lush green 98sqm garden for people to enjoy.

Many people came to talk to us about our plants and explore the four sections of our garden: tropical zone, flower zone, English garden and secret garden.

Artificial plants in Pop-Up Garden promo

It was great to speak to people and see their reactions as we told them that none of the plants they could see were real. People took pics and selfies of themselves and our garden.

Local media and bloggers turned out to cover the garden – we even made the news!

Press coverage snapshot

Why did we do it? We wanted to show people how realistic our plants are and make people consider what they could do to liven up a grey or blank space they may have in their home or garden. Also, as a Norfolk business based in Great Yarmouth we wanted to celebrate Norfolk Day by bringing a little colour to a grey space in Norwich.

Artificial plants and flowers outdoor garden

How would you use realistic artificial plants to bring your house, flat, room or outdoor spaces to life? Perfect explosions of colour in window boxes? Exotic plants in your living room? Or a pair of neatly cut box hedges at your front door?

Get inspired with our tips and guides!

Artificial outdoor flowers

No fuss

Maybe you don’t have the time to tame topiary, can’t seem to keep plants alive or you want to enjoy beautiful blooms all year round. While real plants can be great, they can be expensive, need care and attention and don’t always look great through the seasons.

Our realistic artificial plants offer better lifetime value, look great all year round and don’t die if you don’t water them.

people interacting with artificial plants


Next time you’re sitting in your living room or out in your garden, you might see an opportunity to get creative. Or, if you want to see what other plants we have right now, you can always browse our products right here. We hope you feel inspired!

blooming artificial pop-up garden norwich 2018

Here's how we put the day together

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