Artificial green living wall

Why paint when you can re-invent your space with lush foliage living wall panels? An artificial green wall is a super trendy alternative to a feature wall indoors, as well as an ideal solution for screening ugly walls and fences in your garden.

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Explore our photo galleries and see how others have used fauxs to bring instant life to their space.

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Everything you need to know

Faux living walls can completely transform your space into a beautiful botanical haven! 🌿

Each maintenance-free mat can be quickly joined together to cover any shape or size surface and is easy to attach. Once in place, it leaves a stunning wall of dense evergreen foliage, much better than a boring white wall!

We offer our artificial living walls in a variety of shapes and foliage styles. Lots are a single type of foliage like cedar and some offer mixed foliage for greater variety. Please note that you cannot clip different mats together, only matching foliage mats. If you’d like to create an assorted wall please contact our team.

Artificial living wall panels are easier than you think to install. Our full guide shows you how to make a faux green wall here,, or read on for a short guide.

Work out how many mats you need

Most of our living wall panels are either 25cm2, 50cm2, or 1m2. So, you’ll need either 16, 4, or 1 per square meter. The mats can be cut to shape and size to fit your space perfectly with some strong scissors if you need to.

Create a frame

For ease and to prevent damage to your wall, we recommend making a simple wood frame or purchasing some trellis. Attach this frame to your wall using fixings that are recommended for your wall type.

Join the mats together

All of our green wall panels have A/B connectors which slot into each other to create a seamless roll of foliage. If you’re covering a large area, join manageable strips together. You can join the rest once the mats are attached to the wooden frame.

Attach the green wall panels to the frame

The faux living wall foliage can be attached to the frame using hooks, cable ties or our preferred method; a staple gun.

This final step is easier with two people. One person who can hold the living wall in place, and then another person can secure it to the frame.

Natural living walls are beautiful but they’re also pretty difficult to install and maintain. They need drainage and protection to prevent the wall underneath from damp. Then once fitted, you’ve got to figure out how to care for the plants

With outdoor artificial green walls, you don’t need to worry about any of that. Our faux walls don’t demand special drainage or sunlight, and they don’t need regular pruning or watering.

All of the faux green walls on our website are designed for use both inside and outdoors come rain or shine.

The plastic material contains UV blockers, meaning they’ll keep their colour when exposed to the suns UV rays, rather than turning an ugly shade of blue 🤢.

Fake foliage walls like the fern living wall and the garden greenery living wall are designed to look just like the real thing with botanically accurate foliage and a variety of foliage types for texture.

Our ivy living wall would be just the thing if you’re after a more traditional look without having to worry about maintaining it. Alternatively, we have some more unique foliage walls like our Icelandic moss wall and the tropical living wall for some real wow-factor!

We also offer some classic boxwood, buxus and cedar conifer foliage styles, which work great if you want to build your own low-maintenance hedging.

Indoors, an artificial green wall can last for 10 years, or as long as you want them in place. If you’re using them outside, the sun, wind, rain and other weather will reduce their lifespan.

Most of our artificial living wall products will last for at least 3 years outside in the UK.

If you have some more questions, or you just want to talk through the options, contact us here or give us a call on 0800 9777 589.

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