Artificial Potted Sansevieria Artificial Potted Sansevieria
Artificial Potted SansevieriaArtificial Potted Sansevieria
Artificial Potted SansevieriaArtificial Potted Sansevieria
Artificial Potted SansevieriaArtificial Potted Sansevieria

Artificial Potted Sansevieria

Our artificial sansevieria is manufactured using the best techniques to date, making it an accurate replica of the real thing! Professionally potted into a smart black pot, this artificial plant is ready to go!
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Designed for Indoor Use

This product is designed for indoor use because it isn't UV stable.

This doesn't necessarily mean that you can't use them outside.... we just don't recommend it.

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True Measurements

Artificial plants are measured in a range of different ways.

The measurements shown on this page are accurate once the plant has been fully dressed out.

Available for immediate dispatch

This product is available for immediate dispatch and is eligible for our upgraded delivery options. Delivery costs from £3.99 inc VAT.

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Our artificial sansevieria arrives professionally potted into a stylish plain black pot. A choice between green or variegated leaves allows you to place it within all of your interiors. A contemporary addition to your home or office.


  • Height: 89cm
  • Leaves per plant: 21
  • Pot measurements: 15cm (w) x 15cm (h)

The natural sansevieria is within a family of 70 other species of flowering plants native to Madagascar, Africa and southern Asia. Other common names for the sansevieria includes, devils tongue, snake plant, snake tongue and most commonly mother-in-laws tongue. – now that’s a lot of names for one plant! Because the leaves grow upwards they can be used for feng shui purposes. Some believe that having a sansevieria near children helps reduce rudeness, although it must be ensured the plant is out of a child’s reach as the leaves are poisonous. It's also recommended to place the plant near the toilet tank to counter the drain down vibrations!

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