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Useful Information

Designed for Indoors

Our range of small desktop plants are designed for indoor use only. To find out why and more information about this, check out our Ultimate Guide to UV Resistance.

Read the Guide.

How to Clean Artificial Plants

Your faux desktop plants won’t need any watering but they might need dusting every now and then. This is quick, simple and we’ve created a handy video guide to help.

Watch our cleaning guide.

How to Arrange Small Desktop Plants

Some of our items might arrive looking slightly squashed from being in their boxes. Don’t worry, this is completely normal. We’ve created a quick video guide to show you how to arrange your faux plants.

Watch the guide.

Using Small Desktop Plants

Making sure that your real plants look their best can be a challenging task which we don’t all have time for, especially when they don’t even survive in the end! Artificial desktop plants have become particularly popular over the last decade. They’re perfect for areas where real plants would not survive – mainly because of the weather or perhaps because the species isn’t native to the UK. They’re the ideal solution for people that don’t want the hassle of real plants or individuals, who like us, can’t seem to keep their plants alive! Add them to your desk for a stylish look and enjoy the benefits of low maintenance.

Our wide range includes the stylish mini split philo, cute succulent terrariums and the attractive ruby ball cactus (coming soon). Our desktop plants are designed for indoor use as they are made from delicate materials that help them look extremely lifelike. For more information visit our UV guide.

Realistic Quality, Affordable Prices

Our range of small desktop plants are manufactured using durable, high quality materials. Each material we use has a specific purpose in helping our plants look as realistic as possible. We make sure to compare our artificial plants against their natural alternatives by checking the foliage, size, shape and colour of each item. If you’re looking for more information on a certain product, please contact our friendly customer service team.

Why Choose Artificial Plants

Low Maintenance

The best thing about faux plants is the lack of maintenance required to keep them looking their best. You can forget about watering, feeding and pruning your small artificial desktop plants and enjoy the extra time and money you’ll save.


The price of our desktop plants may seem to be more than the cost of natural plants at first, however the overall cost over a longer period of time is actually much more affordable. You don’t need to pay for the cost of feeding and re-potting your plants as they grow and our artificial plants will stay at exactly the same size so you don’t have to pay to maintain their growth either.

Wide Range

The most popular plants have now been reproduced in artificial forms so you can be sure to find your favourite plants among our selection. No matter which of our artificial desktop plants you choose, whether it’s the bonsai tree, zebra grass or small cactus, if you get bored of their look or change the style of your home you can simply store them away and swap them. When you bring them back out again, they’ll still look as good as when you left them. For more reasons to choose artificial plants, read our blog.

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