Pure Soft Round High Plant Pot

This product has been discontinued.

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What size plant pot should I buy?

Small trees90cm - 120cm high

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Mid-sized trees120cm - 160cm high

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Large trees160cm - 260cm high

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This table is only intended as a guide and may not apply to every product in our range. Please check the size of the starter pot against any decorative pots you wish to buy. We recommend adding at least 5-10cm to the diameter of the starter pot to ensure the potted plant is both stable and in proportion.

Using the pure soft round high

The pure soft round high features an elevated bottom, so there’s no need to fill it up all the way with your potting material, making it surprisingly lightweight and incredibly easy to move when needed. Simply fill the bottom with a layer of sand to ensure your artificial tree is stable and fill the rest with soil, sand or decorative stones. For more information on re-potting your artificial plants, check out our step by step potting guide. The pure soft round high is manufactured from high quality polyethylene which means the colour won’t fade when used outside and it can withstand temperatures to -40 degrees. If you’re looking for a durable yet stylish planter, the pure soft round high is definitely a winner!

Manufactured By Elho

Our pure soft round high is manufactured by Elho in the Netherlands. Elho creates premium artificial planters from recycled materials using 100% wind energy to help the environment. They aim to bring the best out of synthetic, while being the most sustainable company in the market.

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