Premium range

We've hand-picked a selection of products which we firmly believe need the limelight. These products are designed and manufactured to be as close to their botanical counterpart as possible, while looking absolutely stunning!

Sourced from a variety of suppliers across the world, we check and double check our premium range against the real thing to ensure that the size, shape and colours are all accurate.

Why go premium?

One of the stigmas surrounding artificial plants is that they look awful and like they’re made from thick, hardened plastic. While all of our artificial plants aim to disprove this faux pas, our premium range goes the extra mile. Our range of attention grabbing, stunning artificial plants wouldn’t look out of place in the Eden Project, five star London hotels or your conservatory.

We even challenge you to find a better looking, more realistic artificial plant at this price point. If you can, give us a call!

Are we charging extra because we’ve added the word premium?

Put simply, no! The products shown here are exactly the same price as they were before we launched our premium range. We’ve simply put them on a pedestal and given them the audience they deserve.

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