Using Premium Artificial Plants

We've hand-picked a selection of products which we firmly believe need the limelight. These products are designed and manufactured to be as close to their botanical counterparts as possible, while looking absolutely stunning!

Sourced from a variety of suppliers across the world, we check and double check our premium range against their natural counterparts to ensure that the size, shape, foliage and colours are all accurate.

Our range includes plants, trees and flowers designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Outdoor artificial plants have been treated to withstand the suns harsh UV rays and therefore won’t fade or discolour when used outside. For more information, check out our Ultimate Guide to UV resistance.

Why Go Premium?

One of the stigmas surrounding artificial plants is that they are manufactured from shiny, rigid plastic which looks far less than authentic. Manufacturing techniques have come a long way since then with a range of techniques and quality materials used to produce the most natural looking artificial replicas.

We believe that all of our artificial plants disprove this faux pas, but we strongly feel that our premium range goes the extra mile. Our range of attention grabbing, stunning artificial plants wouldn’t look out of place in the Eden Project, five star London hotels or your conservatory. If you don’t believe us, read our reviews here.

Are We Charging Extra Because We’ve Added the Word Premium?

Put simply, no! The products shown here are exactly the same price as they were before we launched our premium range. We’ve simply put them on a pedestal and given them the audience they deserve. We challenge you to find a better looking, more realistic artificial plant at this price point.

Why Choose Premium Artificial Plants

Wide Range

We truly believe that our premium range goes that extra mile in providing the most natural looking faux plants on the market. From stunning silk bouquets, our unique fruticose tree and our luxurious benjamina liana tree, these plants really are the best of the best. If you’re looking for more information on a specific product, please contact our friendly customer service team.

High Quality

All of the faux plants in our premium range are manufactured using a range of different durable, quality materials. Each and every material has a purpose in ensuring our premium range features vibrant colours, realistic textures and the most natural look that’s sure to fool even you’re most anti-artificial friends. From real wooden stems to the finest quality silk, you won’t be disappointed in either the look or feel of your artificial plants.

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Artificial Agapanthus
£92.00 inc VAT
Artificial Ficus Benjamina Liana
From: £175.00 inc VAT
Artificial Parlour Palm
From: £105.00 inc VAT
Artificial Large White Orchid
From: £108.00 inc VAT
Luxury Artificial Olive Tree
£170.00 inc VAT
Artificial Lotus Tree
£86.00 inc VAT
Artificial Fruticosa
£102.00 inc VAT
Artificial Lavender Tin Planter
£51.30 inc VAT £57.00 inc VAT

Useful Information

How to Pot Artificial Plants

Your new faux plants will arrive either pre-potted in a small black pot or on a plastic spike for easy planting. We recommend re-potting your artificial plants to improve the overall look and increase stability. We’ve created a quick step by step video guide to show you how.

Watch the guide.

How to Arrange Artificial Plants

When your order arrives, the foliage may appear to be slightly creased from being securely packed in its box. Don’t worry this is totally normal! We’ve created a quick video guide to help.

Watch the Guide.

How to Clean Artificial Plants

Your premium plants won’t need watering or any of that hassle, but they may need dusting every now and then when used indoors. This only takes a couple of minutes and we’ve even created a handy video guide to show you how.

Watch the guide.

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