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From: £50.00 inc VAT
  • 4.9 star rating
From: £150.00 inc VAT
  • 4.4 star rating
Artificial Heliconia Plant - Blooming Artificial
From: £54.00 inc VAT
  • 5.0 star rating
Artificial 90cm silk fiddle leaf fig tree plant
From: £30.00 inc VAT
  • 3.5 star rating
Artificial monstera vine plant
£120.00 inc VAT
  • 5.0 star rating
£295.00 inc VAT
  • 4.0 star rating
Artificial Japanese Bamboo
£159.00 inc VAT
Out of stock
Out of stock
Currently unavailable Please check back soon
  • 5.0 star rating
artificial parlour palm tree
Out of stock
Out of stock
Currently unavailable Please check back soon
  • 4.8 star rating
Artificial outdoor green bamboo - Blooming Artificial
Out of stock
Out of stock
Currently unavailable Please check back soon
Faux black stem bamboo plant - Blooming Artificial
From: £37.80 inc VAT From: £42.00 inc VAT
  • 4.5 star rating
Luxury fake agapanthus flower
Out of stock
Out of stock
Currently unavailable Please check back soon
  • 4.8 star rating

Useful Information

UV Resistance

We stock large plants designed for both indoor and outdoor use. To find out more information, check out our Ultimate Guide to UV Resistance.

Read the guide.

How to Pot Large Artificial Plants

When you receive your large artificial plants they will arrive cemented into a small black pot which helps to keep them stable during transit. We recommend re-potting your plants into something more decorative to improve the overall look and increase stability. We’ve created a helpful video guide to show your how to pot your artificial plants.

Watch our potting guide.

How to Arrange Large Artificial Plants

When your plants arrive they may look a bit squashed from being in their box. This is totally normal and it only takes a few minutes to get them looking their best. By arranging your large plants you can create your own completely unique look! We’ve created a quick video guide to show you how.

Watch the guide.

Using Large Artificial Plants

If you looking to fill a large space or create a stunning display, you’ve come to the right place! Our range of large artificial plants includes the luxurious ficus benjamina liana tree (part of our premium range), the beautiful large white orchid and the tropical parlour palm tree. They’re the quickest way to fill a large empty space and they look perfect in large offices and commercial premises. Our range of large plants includes items designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Our outdoor plants have been treated to withstand the suns UV rays and won’t fade or discolour when used outdoors. To find out more information, read our Ultimate Guide to UV Resistance.

Probably the biggest advantage of purchasing artificial plants is the lack of maintenance required to keep them looking their best. They’ll never ask for a drink and they’re quite happy to just be taken out of their box and left alone. You can forget all about pruning and feeding your plants as our faux versions are as low maintenance as they come.

Another benefit to artificial plants is the cost. If you compare the prices of our large plants against natural plants over a long period of time, you’ll find our prices to be much more affordable. You don’t have to pay for the cost of feeding or re-potting your fake plants as they grow, resulting in a much lower cost overall. For more reasons to choose artificial plants over natural plants, head to our blog.

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