How to save money with artificial plants for the office
  • By Annabel
  • In Inspiration
  • Posted Aug 15 2016
Here at the Blooming Artificial offices, we like to practice what we preach. We believe our employees are happier and more productive in a smart, tidy office. It also gives a great first impression to clients and other visitors.

Of course, we love the way artificial plants, flowers and trees transform an office space, making it look professionally managed and also be a pleasant place to work. But did you know artificial flowers in the office can also save you money?

Here’s how:

Avoid wasted investment

If plants could talk, the one taken into an office would have a lot to say. For a real plant, office life can be a traumatic experience. Well-meaning or absent-minded members of staff are prone to:

  • watering them too much
  • not watering them enough
  • not feeding them
  • not re-potting them as they grow
  • forgetting all about them when the holidays arrive

Other problems can arise too:

  • incorrect humidity levels: what’s right for a human isn’t always right for a plant
  • insufficient natural light
  • air-conditioning or unsuitable, fluctuating temperature
  • draughty conditions in a lobby or reception
  • pests such as scale or other common infestations.

Chances are that the plant will fail to thrive and end up sitting there looking depressed with wilted, brown or dropped leaves. Eventually, someone will chuck it away. What a waste of money!

By contrast, an artificial plant will last for many years, be suitable for any part of the office and not require any specialist care (other than a quick dust down now and then).

Say no to lost productivity

Allergies are incredibly common and the symptoms of itchy eyes, stuffy nose and a bleary head are not conducive to feeling fired up and ready to work. It is sensible to reduce the risk of triggering someone’s allergy by avoiding real plants and their pollen. Some plants also cause contact dermatitis, just from being handled.

Yet there is no need to sacrifice the feel-good impact of having greenery and colourful blooms around. Artificial plants bring many of the benefits of real ones, without the worry.

Also, do you want one of your employees or contractors to spend time taking care of real plants? That could mean repotting them during work hours!

Save money on a regular basis

Offices have enough background costs just to function without factoring in plant care. Leave your office budget for computers and stationery, not plant food, new pots and pest removing solutions. Just one pot of plant food alone will cost you approximately £8 and if you have lots of plants you’ll soon get through it.

Some companies even go so far as to rent real plants and pay for them to be cared for. You may remember the scandal a few years ago when a freedom of information request revealed that 12 fig trees in Portcullis House (a government building) were costing the tax payer over £32,000 in rent and maintenance every year. That’s taking it to extremes, but it shows how the costs can mount.

With artificial plants, you have the upfront investment, but no ongoing costs. You can also be sure your plant will still be there, working hard for you, in many years to come and even if the staff do forget all about on when they go on holiday!

Here are the top seven places in your office that would benefit from an artificial plant:

artificial office plants in office canteen

1. The main entrance

A boxwood spiral either side of your main doors (either inside or outside) will be a grand welcome for any employee or guest. Go for height for maximum impact. You could also consider colourful hanging baskets for a smart and inviting frontage.

2. Your reception desk

For a stunning first impression, place one of these delicate beauties, a white orchid, on your reception desk. You won’t look back.

3. Toilets

These gorgeous bouquets, are perfect for making lavatories attractive – an important but often overlooked aspect of office management, particularly if you welcome visitors to your premises. Position one on either side of the sink area or on the windowsill.

4. The meeting room

Greenery works well in meeting rooms, preventing a bland, sterile feel and improving the acoustics. The abundant fan palm or attractive ficus tree will look great.

5. The open plan office

You’ll need a dozen plants to bring life and colour to an open plan office. Here, blossoms bring vibrancy, like this hydrangea.

It is also a great chance to choose decorative pots to bring further character – after all, you know you won’t need to repot next year.

6. Staff relaxation area

You can use several large plants, such as sugar cane or bamboo, to naturally screen this area off from a walkway and to create a sense of calm and oasis for staff to relax in. This is especially important if you are unable to offer outside space for your employees.

7. Manager’s office

Make sure this area is professional but welcoming with a dramatic agapanthus. This offers height as well as beautiful sky blue silk flowers. For an interesting talking point, you might like to consider the quirky looking sansevieria, also known as the snake plant.

It’s definitely worth discovering how judicious use of artificial plants can save you money as well as make your office a better place to be. For lots of other inspiration, check out our full range of artificial office plants here.

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