How to plan and create the perfect artificial plant garden
  • By Annabel
  • In Inspiration
  • Posted Aug 22 2016
A garden full of beautiful artificial plants can be amazing. But, like any garden, proper planning is important. Just a little hard work at first will result in a very low maintenance garden to enjoy. No pruning or feeding will be required, and it will look great however busy you are or however much you are away.

We’re going to share with you the best way of designing and creating your perfect artificial garden. Of course, if you’re not carrying out a full make-over, then just pick the sections that are relevant for you.

Start with a blank canvas

Firstly, map out your garden or yard on a piece of paper, or using a free design app – showing any borders, trees or existing plants you want to keep. Keeping it roughly to scale will help you plan how many plants you’ll need. Now simply follow the advice for each area.

Patios and entrances

This is where potted plants are brilliant. They will provide instant colour and life. A favourite for doorways is the sophisticated sculpted boxwood spiral. It is very grand and looks like you’ve been pruning it carefully for years!

Also, cluster a few bright flowers on the patio for a bright and welcoming space for entertaining.

House dressing

artificial morning glory hanging baskets framing an entrance

Sometimes a house doesn’t quite look right without hanging baskets or a window box. For an easy life, you can buy these ready planted and simply fix them in place. Lavender is very popular at the moment – it somehow manages to look contemporary on modern properties, yet more country cottage on older buildings.


artificial plug plants in garden border

The best thing about artificial flowers and plants in your border is that they look so natural. This is because you actually plant them into the soil and they become truly part of the garden. Each plant guide on our website will let you know its exact size so you can choose the right amount to buy.

The stunning geranium comes in small or large and you can mix and match colours to create a lovely display. Whilst you don’t want to pack them in, you don’t need to leave a massive gap around your plants – no growth room is required! Close planting will make your garden look well-established.

Our top tips for planting out artificial flowers:

  • Place them roughly where you want them to go and then check the spaces between plants are even.
  • Many of our flowering bushes come with a spike on the base and can be simply inserted in the soil. A little digging may be needed if your ground is very hard or stony.
  • Place the plant into the soil and compact firmly around – your hands are best for this.
  • Finally, unless you are a fan of weeding, then put a layer of bark or other mulch around the plants to help keep the weeds at bay.
  • Sit back and admire!


Trees provide height and structure to your garden space so one or two are a great inclusion to your design.

Most trees arrive with you in a standard black plastic pot. You may want to repot the tree into something more beautiful or heavier to give it additional stability. Our handy guide shows you how to do it.


artificial hedge screening a hot tub

Not many people know that you can buy artificial hedges. Take a look at your garden – do you need some instant privacy from neighbours, the road or passers-by? Do you have a harsh fence that could be replaced by something softer and more visually pleasing?

Our hedges are made just for you, and are crafted to the millimetre. Just look at this hedge put in by John Lewis in Stratford to see how welcoming and cosy it has made this previously stark roof top relaxation area.

Plan for the seasons

Finally, it’s handy advice to think seasonally with your planting, particularly for easily moved items such as hanging baskets and pots. Lavender and geraniums for summer can be swapped for cyclamen and pansies in winter. Evergreen box and laurel will look perfect all year round.

All you need now is to browse for beautiful plants - you’re bound to find plenty here.

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