Gardening Tips for Small Spaces
  • By Annabel
  • In Inspiration
  • Posted Feb 14 2018
If you’re tight on space, it is still possible to create a flourishing garden that you’ll love simply by choosing the right plants and making the most of every bit of available space. Read on for tips about making the most of your small garden.

Create a Vertical Garden

Small gardens may lack floor space but that doesn’t mean you can’t maximise the height of your garden. By adding taller features to your garden, you’ll create visual height which will make your garden seem bigger.

Corsica Vertical Garden Planter


Another great way to do this is to stack planters. We have made this easy with our vertical garden planter which is available in a wide range of bright and beautiful colours. Simply fill each section with a mixture of flowering bushes and foliage to each level to create a beautiful garden feature.

Pallet Gardens

Pallet gardening is a trend that’s become increasingly popular in recent years. Simply fix some wooden pallets to your fences or walls and fill the ‘shelves’ with plants. This quirky tip is great for balconies and small gardens because it uses next to no floor space and has the added bonus that it makes you look like a DIY genius! Here’s a link to some creative ways to upcycle pallets in your garden.

You can also find readymade panels comprising of several pots or troughs that can be fitted to your fence or wall ready for you to start your own vertical garden.


While quite similar to pallet gardens, trellis is another excellent addition to small gardens. Fix it to your walls and fences and then grow climbing plants like clematis, wisteria or roses alongside it. These plants generally fill the space you give them and when in bloom offer an absolutely fabulous colour display.

Hanging Plants

Hanging plants and baskets are another easy way to add colour and greenery without taking up that oh so valuable floor space. Simply attach a bracket to your wall and hang a traditional hanging basket from it. You could always add several brackets at varying height to create a more intriguing display.

Use Small Spaces

Window Ledges

If you have a large enough window ledge, try lining it with decorative pots or a window box filled with your favourite flowers. If your ledge isn’t wide enough for this, you can attach a window box with some brackets.

For an edible alternative to flowers, plant fragrant herbs like basil and parsley outside your kitchen window. They’ll smell great and they’re easy to reach for cooking. For more info check out Fine Gardening’s how to grow herbs guide.


If you have a balcony, then don’t let the railings go to waste. Attach a balcony bracket and sit a colourful flower box on top. Alternatively, add some interest to the railings by entwining trailing and climbing plants.

Drain Pipes

Corsica Drain Pipe Pot
You can also hide drain pipes with drain pipe clicker pots. These handy little guys simply snap into place around your drain pipe and are ready to fill with your favourite plants or flowers. They’re easy to use and really help to brighten up a small space. You can find them at Amazon here.

Garlands can be used to decorate the smallest of spaces. Choose from cute rose garlands or traditional ivy to spruce up your garden. Again try twisting them around drain pipes to help brighten up your outside space. Be careful though, ivy has a reputation for quickly taking over every structure in its reach. Instead try out our artificial garlands.

Nooks and Crannies

Almost every garden, little and large, has a few small nooks and crannies that are underused. A great way to fill these is by creating your own miniature herb garden using tin cans. They add a stylish look to your home and are easy to pop into the small spaces around your home and garden. Simply find some empty tin cans from your kitchen and use a bit of creative flair to decorate them to your taste, choose your favourite pot plants and you’re good to go! Here’s a helpful guide with some trendy examples.

Make the Most of Floor Space


Patio Tubs

Resist the temptation to add too many pots and planters. Instead select a few oversized pots and plants to add interest to your garden. This will create big colour in a small space. Try not to use too many different plants as this can seem chaotic, instead choose a small selection (depending on the size of your small space) with similar colours for a clear and calming design.

Grow Bags

No time for a flower bed? Portable grow bags are a great solution for this. You can get them from EBay or Amazon in a variety of colours. Not only are they economical but they’re easily portable and if your plant outgrows its bag, simply put it in the next size up and fill with compost.

Maximise Visual Space

Mazy Mirrors

To add the illusion of extra space try hanging mirrors. They’ll reflect the surrounding greenery and distract your eyes from the boundaries of your garden.

Creative Curves

Small gardens are often left with a boxy feel. Swap straight lines for curves, if you can hide the end of your garden behind a large flowering bush it will trick you into thinking there’s more to be explored.

Blocking Boundaries

The size of your garden is defined by the walls and fences that surround it. To combat this, conceal your boundaries with evergreen trees or hedging and try growing climbing plants up a trellis or create your own living wall. We offer a range of green living walls panels that you can simply clip together and mount on your fence or wall.

Tiling Tricks

If your garden features a patio or paving, using larger tiles is always better in a small garden. Remember that horizontal paving will make your garden seem wider and vertical paving will make it seem longer. Using large slabs will open up your space.

Fold up Furniture

Although your large dining set might look great in the summer, by the time winter is here the chances of you sitting in your garden and soaking up the sun are slim. Use furniture that you can fold away when not in use. This will help to open up your garden and provide you with more space.

Wrap Up

Remember when decorating your garden that sometimes less is more and no matter how small your garden is there’s always a way to make it feel bigger and brighter. Think about how much space is available and resist over-crowding it with pots, plants and other items. Keep your theme consistent and you’ll end up with a garden that looks great all year round.
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