Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuously improving the impact of our business and products on the wider environment. We will do this by working internally and with suppliers to achieve the following:
  • Reduce the use of raw materials, water and energy
  • Increase the use of recycled materials in the production process
  • Reduce waste and emissions by applying our ‘eco-design’ principles to the product design and production process
  • Improve the ecological value of our factory environment as a habitat for wildlife
  • Offset our existing impact with positive environmental activities

Our Eco-Design Principles:

  • Use of low impact materials
  • Use of recycled materials
  • Use of recyclable materials
  • Reduction of plastic product weight
  • Minimising the impact of transportation by:
    • Optimising packaging to reduce total space required
    • Using the lowest carbon transportation option and the subsequent reduction of the space needed for transport to then reduce
  • Removal of excess packaging materials

Our Role in the Supply Chain

We will assist customers to achieve the use of our products and services in an environmentally-sensitive way; by advising on good care and maintenance of products, efficient and appropriate use of products and end of life breakdown.

We will encourage our suppliers and contractors in raising their environmental standards and will look for opportunities to work with suppliers and contractors who have environmental management systems and who achieve a programme of continuous improvement.

Our environmental vision is to develop the awareness of our staff, customers and suppliers to the environmental issues important to our business along with the ongoing focus of our environmental agenda of continuous improvement.


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