Christmas Gift Guide
  • By Annabel
  • In Guides
  • Posted Oct 21 2019
The cold wintery nights are here, jumpers are on and Christmas shopping is in full swing! If you’re scratching your head trying to think of what to get your loved ones, the Blooming Artificial elves are here to help with a range of effortless plants, trees and flowers perfect for gifting.

You can jump to each section using the links below or scroll down to see the full guide:

£0 - £25

These plants make excellent stocking fillers or desktop additions and are perfect for sprucing up smaller spaces in the home. Shop stylish terrariums, bonsai and small houseplants including our French lace rose bush, calla lily and more.

£25 - £50

This range includes larger house plants and fabulous outdoor arrangements like the ever-popular mixed flower window box, alocasia, rubber tree, phalaenopsis orchid and more. They’re perfectly suited as gifts and are excellent for adding large splashes of colour to an interior or garden.


Our range of bouquets are an excellent gift choice from their stylish made to measures boxes to the quality of each individual bloom. Choose from a variety of styles from real-touch roses, peonies, lilies and more, hand-tied and arranged into a beautiful everlasting arrangement. Prices start at £45.

Best Sellers

These are our plants with the highest ratings and most frequent order from previous customers, they include our best-selling bay laurel tree, cheese plant, paradise palm and more. Although they tend to be slightly more expensive than the above, they are more substantial in terms of size, style and overall appeal. Scroll down on each product page to read their reviews.

Can I Return Items After Christmas?

We have a 60 day no quibble returns policy. Either you or the recipient will need to get in touch with us using your order number given at the time of purchase. You can either email us at or call us on 0800 9777 589 and our friendly customer service team will send the relevant returns information.

Please note that if the buyer of the order returns the item(s) to us, we can either offer a full refund or credit. If the recipient of the gift returns the order to us, we will only be able to offer credit.

Looking for something else?

Alternatively if you haven't found what you're looking for, browse our full range of artificial plants here or shop Christmas decorations.

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