Christmas Gift Guide
  • By Alick
  • In Inspiration
  • Posted Nov 07 2018

It’s November, the nights are drawing in and we’re not 100% sure what has happened to the bulk of 2018. Of course 2018 has been up and down in terms of weather with the ‘Beast from the East’ covering us in snow and then an almost tropical summer. Now that’s out of the way, we now turn our attention towards our favourite time of the year – Christmas.

This year, the Blooming Artificial elves have been super busy. So much so, we’ve added over 60 new products to our range of artificial plants - many of which were added specifically with gifting in mind.

You can jump to each section using the links below or scroll down to see the full guide:

£0 - £25

These plants are perfectly sized to fit in your love ones stocking! Choose from popular faux greenery, cool succulent terrariums, bonsai and more.

£25 - £50

These plants and flowers are perfectly suited as gifts. Choose from colourful outdoor arrangements or stylish indoor plants like the Bird of Paradise and Phalaenopsis Orchid.


In October we introduced our brand new range of artificial flower arrangements, Perennial Blooms. They’re lovingly arranged by our expert team in Great Yarmouth, tied and securely packed into a made to measure box.

Prices range from £45 to £64.

Our favourites

These products are among as our best-selling products and are frequently bought as gifts. They tend to be more expensive than the ranges above, but are more substantial in terms of size, style and overall appeal!

Can people return items after Christmas

Yes, we operate a no quibble 60 day returns policy. Either you or the recipient needs to get in touch with us and we will send the relevant returns information.

If the buyer returns the item to us, we can offer either credit or a full refund. If the recipient returns the item to us, we will only be able to offer gift card credit.

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