Brussels Round Diamond Plant Pot

  • Not sure what size pot you need? Read our size guide here...
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This product has been discontinued.

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Not sure what size pot you need? Read our size guide here...

Here's Everything You Need To Know

What size plant pot should I buy?

Small plants0cm - 100cm high

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Mid-sized plants100cm - 160cm high

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  • X

Large plants160cm - 220cm high

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This table is only intended as a guide and may not apply to every product in our range. Please check the size of the starter pot against any decorative pots you wish to buy. We recommend adding at least 5-10cm to the diameter of the starter pot to ensure the potted plant is both stable and in proportion.

The diamond finish on these pots gives the planter a ceramic look. However, being made from plastic makes them easier to maintain and use. The beautiful soft design gives the pot a high end look without the price tag.

The creators of these pots, Elho, have been working hard to make their business and products sustainable. Their products arrive in packaging that is made from 60% recycled cardboard along with the majority of their pots being made from recycled plastic. Producing around 30 million pots per year, Elho have installed their own wind turbine to generate their own energy for production 24 hours a day.

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