And the winner is... #SendUsYourSnaps

By Annabel / Nov 04 2016

This year’s #SendUsYourSnaps competition is now closed. We’ve received lots of fantastic pictures this year featuring amazing gardens and some wonderful interiors!...

7 Style Secrets For 7 Rooms

By Alick / Oct 31 2016

Here is the very best advice from a range of expert interior designers to help you create your perfect home....

7 Interior Tips For Busy Mums and Career Women

By Alick / Oct 17 2016

However busy your life is, there are some cheats that will give you a home you can be proud of without it costing the earth. Read on...

7 Style Secrets To Steal From Airbnb

By Alick / Oct 03 2016

It turns out we’ve been searching for interior design inspiration in all the wrong places. There's a whole world of tips from around the globe. Read on...

How to care for your artificial plants

By Annabel / Sep 05 2016

A simple guide to keeping faux flowers and plants looking fabulous...

How to plan and create the perfect artificial plant garden

By Annabel / Aug 22 2016

Read our top tips on how to create the perfect artificial plant garden here...

How to save money with artificial plants for the office

By Annabel / Aug 15 2016

Find out how you can transform your office space AND save money...

Going Fake in the Garden

By Alick / Aug 01 2016

Artificial flora and fauna is sometimes the best choice for a beautiful, easy outdoor space...

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