Christmas Gift Guide

By Alick / Nov 07 2018

Looking for faux-tastic Christmas presents? We have you covered. Our guide includes everything from stocking fillers to statement pressies....

Our Products Have a New Home!

By Alick / Sep 10 2018

Our parent company is about to cut the ribbon on a brand new 40,000 sq ft warehouse in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk....

Blooming Artificial’s Pop-Up Garden

By Alick / Jul 30 2018

What a day! On Friday 27th July 2018, we built a pop-up garden in the centre of Norwich using hundreds of artificial plants....

Online Quiz - Real or Fake?

By Alick / Jul 12 2018

Can you tell the difference between real and fake plants? Take our short quiz and find out...

The Ultimate Guide to: UV Resistance

By Alick / Apr 26 2018

What is UV resistance and why does it matter? Find out all the answers in our blog post here...

Gardening Tips for Small Spaces

By Annabel / Feb 14 2018

If you’re tight on space, it is still possible to create a flourishing garden that you’ll love simply by choosing the right plants and making the most of every bit of available space....

Pantone Colour Of The Year 2018

By Annabel / Jan 29 2018

Renowned colour experts Pantone have recently announced ultra violet as their 2018 colour of the year...

6 Tips to Refresh Your Front Garden

By Annabel / Jan 15 2018

As the idiom says, people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Though we all know this saying, how many of us can honestly say that we follow this saying in everyday life?...

Photo Stream

The Ultimate Guide to: UV Resistance

What is UV resistance and why does it matter? Find out all the answers in our blog post here

How to Pot or Plant Artificial Plants, Flowers & Trees

This week’s blog (an updated version of our 2016 potting guide) will show you how simple it is to re-pot the faux plant and the massive benefits this can bring

Should I Buy Flame Resistant Artificial Trees?

Flame resistant (commonly called fire retardant) artificial trees are an enigma. What are they and should you buy them over their standard counterparts?

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