A Comparative Study: Blooming Bays vs. the Alternatives

By Alick / Mar 18 2020

We’ve put together this comparative blog to show you the differences between our best-selling bay laurel tree and the competition...

Pets and Plants Photo Competition

By Annabel / Mar 09 2020

We’re challenging you to send in your cutest pets-with-plants snaps, for the chance to win a £100 Blooming Artificial voucher!...

How to Protect Artificial Plants Outside

By Alick / Feb 29 2020

Artificial plants are vulnerable during stormy or extreme weather events. Find out how to protect them...

Indoor Plant and Pot Trends for 2020

By Alick / Jan 08 2020

We’ve recently carried out a pair of surveys around the theme of popular plant styles, interior inspiration and even the longevity of indoor plants. Find out more...

5 Trendy Ways to Decorate this Christmas

By Alick / Nov 12 2019

Rather than the usual tinsel and bells why not add some extra flair to your home this Christmas with our 5 trendy ideas below....

Christmas Gift Guide

By Alick / Oct 21 2019

If you’re scratching your head trying to think of what to get your loved ones, the Blooming Artificial elves are here to help with a range of effortless plants perfect for gifting....

Tips for Accessible Garden Design

By Alick / Oct 09 2019

From wheelchair-friendly paving to weed-proofing a new decking area, there are numerous tips to try for an accessible garden design...

The Growing Trend for Artificial Wedding Bouquets

By Alick / Jul 02 2019

In the last five years, the UK has seen a 250% growth in the number of people searching for artificial plants and flowers when shopping for their wedding bouquets online....

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How to Protect Artificial Plants Outside

Artificial plants are vulnerable during stormy or extreme weather events. Find out how to protect them

The Ultimate Guide to: UV Resistance

What is UV resistance and why does it matter? Find out all the answers in our blog post here

How to Pot or Plant Artificial Plants, Flowers & Trees

This week’s blog (an updated version of our 2016 potting guide) will show you how simple it is to re-pot the faux plant and the massive benefits this can bring

Should I Buy Flame Resistant Artificial Trees?

Flame resistant (commonly called fire retardant) artificial trees are an enigma. What are they and should you buy them over their standard counterparts?

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