New plant drop!

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From big green giants to tiny table plants, our family of faff-free fauxs is growing new roots! Say hello to new fresh olive trees, tropical monsteras and colourful new pots and planters.

Order during April 2023 and get a 10% early-bird discount.

Pure coupe plant pot in garden

We're always on the hunt for fabulous new plant pals to join our family of evergreen fauxs!

This time around, we're feeling quite proud (and just a tad smug 😏) of ourselves with a glorious assortment of new friends to choose from, including cute tabletop bushes, funky cacti, summery garlands, olive trees and more! Check 'em out below...

New olive trees

The latest 'it' plant! 🤩 We've got four brand new olive trees as well as the return of our popular mini olive tree!

Top of our list and ideal for sitting in your kitchen or living room is the handsome Ligurian artificial olive tree! Standing at a stately 6ft tall - it's a match made in heaven for rustic wicker baskets, giving your home an impressive dose of soothing Mediterranean colour.

The cute olive bush might be little, but he certainly packs a punch and makes it easy to upgrade your shelves and small tables with his true-to-life olives & fresh green leaves.

Our last two new olive trees are little different from the rest... at roughly 2.5m tall these big guys mean business! The impressive giant olive tree and umbrella olive tree may just be two of the most realistic trees we've ever had, with real wooden trunks and thick heads of silvery green foliage, perfect for large open commercial spaces with high ceilings.

Small (but mighty) plants

Artificial san pedro cacti
Artificial San Pedro cactus

We've made an effort to find some new smaller plant friends that are perfectly designed to decorate tables and shelves with zero maintenance style, whether that's at your home or business.

Let's start off with our new pair of carefree cacti! The San Pedro cactus and bunny ear cactus are two of our favourite new additions because they're so easy. Both already come pre-planted in a rustic zinc pot, so there's nothing for you to do but find a nice home for them where they'll thank you with their quirky colour. Combine them with our new mini succulent mix for a cool desert vibe! 🌵

Next up, the simple yet splendid artificial fern bush, bamboo bush and grass bush are staple plants with bold greenery that can quickly liven up empty tables, while our new faux caladium offers more unique colour including a striking white variant.

Last on our list of new small plants is our modern mini fiddle leaf fig and calathea orbifolia. Both of which are particularly in fashion right now with slightly more dramatic green foliage that looks great in any interior.

Green giants

Giant Swiss cheese plant
Artificial giant Swiss cheese plant

Big, bold and beautiful - and we're not joking! These four large leafy beauties come in sizes up to 3m tall to really make a statement. 😲

For a slice of the tropics, the giant Livingston fan palm has those big palm leaves that cast beautiful shadows, and it scores highly on the realism test with a woody, coir-coated trunk!

Alternatively, the giant Swiss cheese plant is every monstera-lovers dream! All 260cm of it gives instant exotic colour with lifelike leaves in varying tones of green. Again, the stem is coated in coir for an authentic look, similar to our smaller best-selling faux cheese plant.

Our next green goliath is the giant bamboo. Little or large, bamboo is one of our favourites for its versatility. It's great for breaking up large open rooms and it works well in any style space. The giant bamboo isn't any different in that department and at a huge 240cm tall, it demands attention with beautiful green leaves and bamboo cane base.

The biggest of all our newbies - the giant fiddle leaf is the king of all fiddle leaf figs! 👑

At a ginormous 300cm tall, the giant fiddle leaf is topped with lots of bushy fiddle-shaped leaves which earnt this plant a spot as one of the UK's most popular houseplants. Its tall woody stem adds to its realism and we've gone the extra mile and given the foliage several shades of green, so your tree actually looks like it's growing!

Wreaths & garlands

Artificial sunflower garland
Artificial sunflower garland

We're embracing spring and summer vibes with our two new garlands - the pink blossom garland and the uplifting sunflower garland. Both are great for styling up old beams, giving life to bland bannisters or trailing across shelves for some beautiful botanical colour.

The last of our new plant friends is the lavish lavender wreath, whose wildly growing foliage gives it a whimsical, cottagecore style we simply adore!

It's ideal for transforming your front door, giving it realistic, lush greenery and turning the face of your home into a picturesque entrance you can be proud of.

Pots & planters

Pink vibia drainpipe pot

That's all for our latest plant members, but we're also adding some new pots to our collection.

For both indoor and outdoor use, the pure bead and pure cone offer unique style and make great partners for your larger faux plants.

Outdoors, we're excited to be welcoming the vibia drainpipe pot, making it possible to blend unsightly drainpipes into flourishing features with your favourite flowers and make them a part of your garden.

Last of all, the loft balcony plant pot means you can turn your (you guessed it!) balcony into a floral display, simply by hooking it over the railing and adding a few of our flowering bushes.


So there you have it - our latest plant friends are here! If you like what you see, order during April and get a 10% early-bird saving.

We hope you find something you like and if you have any questions or suggestions for plants you would like to see next, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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