Artificial Tulip Bouquet

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  • Height: 64cm approximately
  • Width: 40cm
  • Number of stems: 20, 4 of each colour
  • Weight: 780g
  • Stem length to leaves: 30cm

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Designed for Indoor Use

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Reviews & Questions

Here's Everything You Need To Know

The Perennial Bloom difference

Perennial Blooms is our handpicked range of premium artificial flower arrangements.

What options are there?

The pretty Tulip Bouquet stands at approximately 64cm tall from the bottom of the stem to the top of the flowers. The foliage begins at around 30cm height and is designed to sit around the rim of your vase. If your vase is too small, the stems can be cut accordingly. Each artificial Tulip Bouquet includes 20 faux tulips in 5 colours (i.e. 4 of each colour).

Each of the artificial Tulip Bouquets is hand-tied by our team so there will be slight variations between each one. Therefore patterns and measurements may vary slightly from the details advertised above.

Will you be able to tell it’s not real?

The artificial Tulip Bouquet is made up of 20 top quality artificial flower stems in an assortment of colours. Each stem is made from polyurethane which is a type of plastic. It’s renowned in the artificial flower world as the premium material to manufacture this sort of flower from because it allows the manufactures to include incredible detail while still producing a durable, long lasting faux flower.

Where should you put it?

We think the Tulip Bouquet deserves pride of place in a kitchen, dining room or your bedroom. It’s brightly coloured so would add a big splash of colour to interior based around white or grey colour themes. Check our image gallery above for some more ideas.

When the Tulips arrive, this is what you need to do:

  1. Unpack
  2. Our Perennial Blooms range of artificial flower arrangements are packed into a made to measure box and include an insert to hold the flowers upright in transit. When the flowers arrive, open the box and remove the Tulips.

  3. Arrange or Split
  4. Our team have arranged the Tulips for you, so they are more or less ready to go straight into a vase of your choice.

    Alternatively, the Perennial Blooms range is designed with splitting in mind allowing you to use the flowers in more than one vase. To do this, undo the string and separate out the tulips you wish to include in another vase. The flowers can then be paired up in whatever fashion you choose.

  5. Cut to size
  6. If the stems are too long for your vase you can cut them. Bear in mind that each stem has an internal wire which in some cases can be quite thick. Therefore, we recommend using pliers or wire cutters to complete the job. Alternatively, you can cut the plastic away and then bend the stem in multiple directions (like you would with a paperclip) until the wire breaks.

What about ongoing maintenance?

Buying artificial flowers is a simple way to add long lasting colour to your home. The best thing though is the lack of care or maintenance required to keep them looking fabulous. We do have a full guide in the works, but for now the bottom line is from time to time give each tulip flower a quick clean with a wet wipe. This will remove any dust or debris.

Did you know?

The name Tulip is derived from the original Latin name for the flower; Tulipa and has been a popular choice in Europe since the 16th century.

Looking for something else?

Our range of Perennial Blooms flowers is available here.

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