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Useful Information

Cut to Size

If your stem is too long for vase or container you can cut it down to size. Each stem has an internal wire which can be quite thick so we recommend using wire cutters or strong pliers.

UV Resistance

Our range of single stem flowers is designed for indoor use only as they are manufactured using quality materials that cannot hold UV stabilisers. If you would like to use them outside we recommend keeping them in a shaded area. If you’re keeping them inside in direct sunlight, we suggest rotating the flowers every now and then to reduce any fading that may occur.

Keeping Artificial Flower Stems Clean

Single stem flowers are perfect for creating your own unique arrangement without the need for watering or replacing them. However, every once in a while you will need to clean them to remove any build-up of dirt or debris. Some of our single stem flowers are manufactured using real-touch silk. This can be cleaned using a wet wipe or damp cloth to remove any dust.

Why Choose Artificial Flowers

Our range of single stem artificial flowers is an excellent way to add low maintenance, long lasting colour to your home. They allow you to create your own floral arrangements that don’t need replacing, watering or feeding and keep their colour year after year. Unlike real flowers that only last a few weeks, our single stems are everlasting.

It’s not always possible to keep natural flowers, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle, travel or if like us, you simply just don’t have a talent for gardening. Artificial single stem flowers are the solution. You’ll never have to worry about them wilting away and they instantly brighten up your home straight out of the box.

Stunning Colours, Stunning Realism

Artificial flowers were once manufactured using poor quality silk and shiny, rigid plastic. Over the last 10 years, manufacturing techniques has improved vastly allowing the factories to create extremely life-like flowers from quality materials.

Our range of artificial single stem flowers are manufactured using premium quality materials including real-touch silk and polyurethane plastic – a renowned material in the artificial plant world used for creating incredibly authentic flowers. Our real-touch flowers include the rose stem, double-head lily, tulip stem and more. Each one has soft flowers that feel anything but artificial and intricate designs with vivid, natural colours.

The rest of our range is made using exceptional quality silk and durable plastic which perfectly replicate their natural counterparts. Each flowers exact mix will differ slightly to create different textures but the quality remains the same throughout.

Why Buy Artificial Flowers

Wide Range

The most popular artificial flowers have been made into artificial replicas so you can be sure to find your favourites among our range. From beautiful roses in a variety of natural shades, to large lilies, sunflowers and peonies, our range of single stem flowers are just what you need for a big long lasting splash of colour in your home.


Although the initial cost of faux flowers may be higher than your average natural bouquet, the overall cost is much less in the long run. Real cut flowers may last a few weeks at most but always end up in the bin and need replacing. The cost of replacing your arrangement adds up and in the end you’ll save hours of time and money with our range of faux stems.


Hay fever affects around 13 million people in the UK. That’s a lot of us that sniffle and sneeze whenever real flowers are in sight, making it difficult to enjoy their beauty. There’s also the worry of toxic flowers to children and pets.

Using artificial flowers is an ideal solution, providing you with year round colour and style without the fuss of allergies.

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