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artificial wild flower silk hanging flower basket
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artificial cream calla lily silk hanging basket
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purple silk hydrangea patio flower tub
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Using Artificial Flowers In Your Garden

Outdoor artificial flowers are a really easy way to create a colourful garden. All of our artificial flowers arrive ready to go; whether that’s simply popping a readymade arrangement on your patio or planting a flowering bush into the soil.

Artificial outdoor flowers provide a hassle-free garden with year round colour while maintaining many of the benefits natural flowers bring.

Artificial lavender flower patio tub in garden

Where Can You Use Fake Outdoor Flowers

We offer one of the best ranges of fake outdoor flowers in the UK. There’s something for every outside space in your garden.

If you have sparse garden borders then our range of artificial flower bushes and shrubs is for you. These plants come on a spike and can be simply pushed into the ground. You can mix and match creating colours and textures to suit your style or the relevant season. These flowering bushes can also be used in DIY artificial hanging baskets and outdoor planters.

For patios, terraces and front porch areas we have a selection of professionally arranged patio planters and faux window box troughs. These are stocked in a variety of different arrangements including greenery only options.

For higher areas, our premium outdoor hanging baskets offer a beautiful pop of colour that doesn’t require deadheading or watering during the summer months.

Many of our customers also buy faux outdoor flowers to sit in cemeteries on their loved one grave stones. Our outdoor flowers are suitable for this use and in some cases are welcomed by cemeteries as they last a lot longer than natural flowers which require removal.

Premium artificial calla hanging basket outside flint house

Artificial foliage flower planter on garden patio
Outdoor artificial flower box on window ledge

Frequently Asked Questions

Can artificial flowers be used outside?

Yes all of the fake flowers on this page are designed for outdoor use. They’re made with resilient materials and fixings that should withstand typical British weather. We do not suggest using flower bouquets or flowering trees like the wisteria outside because they tend to be more delicate.

How to fill an outdoor planter with artificial flowers

Filling an outdoor planter with artificial flowers is easier than you think. Pop either dry oasis or normal soil into the planter and compact it down. Then use a selection or our artificial flower bushes and shrubs and simply push the spikes into the soil/ oasis.

How to clean outdoor artificial flowers

The beauty (beyond the colour) or outdoor flowers in that the wind and rain tend to keep the flowers looking fresh. If you do need to clean the outdoor artificial flowers, then a damp cloth is the best place to start. Read our full cleaning guide here.

How long will artificial outdoor flowers last?

The lifespan of artificial flowers is dependent on the location and the weather they are exposed to. To maximise the lifespan, choose softer pastel colours, limit their exposure to the sun and if a potted arrangement bring inside during extreme weather events like storms or heat waves.

Fake potted outdoor flower arrangements on patio steps

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