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What options are there?

The kalanchoe bush is available in two colours: yellow and pink. This attractive faux flowering bush comes on a small plastic spike which can be easily inserted into your potting medium or straight into the ground. Each bush measures 19cm at its widest point and 23cm tall from the bottom of the spike to the top of the foliage.

Will you be able to tell it’s not real?

The kalanchoe bush is a small yet stylish plant that features clusters of vibrant kalanchoe flowers and flower buds in a bed of two-tone waxy green leaves just like its natural counterpart. The foliage comes in various tones with a darker green in the middle, fading out into a lighter shade around the edges to create a truly authentic appearance.

Where should you put it?

This pretty flower is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It would look best on a window ledge, coffee table or potted up in a colourful planter and used in your garden.

Use it alone or mix and match shades and use as part of a larger arrangement, including maintenance free flower borders and patio tubs for a vivid display of colour that’s sure to brighten up your space.

When the kalanchoe bush arrives, this is what you need to do:

  1. Unpack
  2. When your kalanchoe bush arrives, remove it from its packaging and recycle where possible.

    If your order is damaged in any way, please contact us as soon as possible.

  3. Plant
  4. To plant your kalanchoe bush, simply push the plastic spike into your potting medium or straight into the ground.

    For more information on how plant flowering bushes, read our guide here.

What about ongoing maintenance?

The natural kalanchoe plant is poisonous when ingested and particularly affects the heart muscles. It also requires a south-facing window with plenty of bright indirect sunlight, well-draining potting mix and feeding every few weeks.

Fortunately, our artificial kalanchoe doesn’t need any of the fuss; all it will ask for is a quick dust from time to time to keep its leaves looking healthy.

Did you know?

In China, the kalanchoe plant is known as ‘thousands and millions of red and purple’ and is popular due to the belief that it brings wealth and prosperity. It was also one of the first plants to be sent into space in 1971!

Looking for something else?

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