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Our artificial fuchsia hanging baskets are available in three colour combinations; red/purple, light pink and hot pink. Each hanging basket features long fuchsias trailing over the sides to create a naturally grown effect. These stunning artificial fuchsia hanging baskets can be hung either side of your doors or around your home to brighten up the entrance and add charisma to your home.

Fuchsia is a genus of flowering plants that consist of mainly shrubs or small trees. Fuchsias have been around for many years, fuchsia triphylla was first discovered on the Caribbean island Hispaniola, which is now known to us as Haiti in 1669-1697 by a French monk. Whether you hang your artificial hanging basket in summer or winter, hanging baskets provide valuable colour at eye level. Choose a colour to compliment your exterior and if you’re feeling brave – choose a bold colour that contrasts with your home!

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