Artificial Fuchsia Bush Artificial Fuchsia Bush
Artificial Fuchsia BushArtificial Fuchsia Bush
Artificial Fuchsia BushArtificial Fuchsia Bush
Artificial Fuchsia BushArtificial Fuchsia Bush
Artificial Fuchsia BushArtificial Fuchsia Bush

Artificial Fuchsia Bush

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Our artificial fuchsia bushes are perfect additions to patio planters, window boxes or your own hanging baskets. Bell-like petals mimic the dainty, natural fuchsia flower.
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Using flowers outdoors

The flowers in this product are manufactured from silk and are therefore not UV resistant.

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Perfect for planting

This product comes on a spike making it ideal for planting into your own hanging baskets, window boxes and planters.

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Available for immediate despatch

This product is available for immediate despatch and is eligible for our upgraded delivery options. Delivery costs from £7.19 inc VAT.

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Our artificial fuchsia bushes are manufactured on a small plastic spike to allow easy planting into your potting media. Add your fake fuchsia bushes to your outdoor arrangements for a vibrant splash of colour and leave the neighbours wondering how you keep your garden so lively all year round!


  • Overall height: 50cm
  • Silk petals
  • Stem height: 10cm
  • Softened plastic leaves

Fuchsia is a genus of the flowering plants that consist mostly of shrubs or small trees. The first fuchsia, fuchsia triphylla, was first discovered on Caribbean island Hispaniola (which is now known as the Dominican Republic and Haiti) in 1696-1697 by a French monk. The fuchsia is also known as the ladys eardrop, for its drooping, tubular and bell-shaped flowers. These colourful flowers attract hummingbirds which are the main pollinators of fuchsia. All parts of the fuchsia are edible, but berries are the most popular and most commonly used in the human diet.

David Herridge Jun 23 2017

Why spend hours watering, then miss a day or two then the flowers die! this product is so life like you would be the only one to know!

Susan Tesei Aug 25 2016

Fulfills the purpose for which I intended it

Jennifer Mattinson Aug 23 2016

Add to real fuchsias and looks great.

Andrew Harper Aug 18 2016

Great Plant and very realistic

Diane Mccarthy May 26 2016

This is the second time I have purchased this product and once again very pleased with it.

Whitney E Feb 26 2016

Big and good for a larger bush or added to larger plants. Didn't work for my window boxes, too tall.

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