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Artificial Calla Hanging Basket
From: £43.99 inc VAT
Artificial Cool Green Hanging Basket
From: £41.99 inc VAT
Artificial Large Lavender Plant
From: £24.99 inc VAT
Soft Pastels Bouquet
From: £52.00 inc VAT From: £64.00 inc VAT
Artificial Rose Ball Tree
From: £49.00 inc VAT
Artificial Cymbidium Orchid
From: £102.49 inc VAT
Artificial Agapanthus
From: £92.00 inc VAT
Bird of Paradise
From: £38.00 inc VAT
Artificial Mixed Flower Barrel
From: £43.99 inc VAT
Artificial Foliage Barrel
From: £45.99 inc VAT
Tulip Stem
From: £5.00 inc VAT
Rose Stem
From: £5.00 inc VAT

Useful Information

Potting or Planting Artificial Flowers

A small number of our flowers will arrive in a small black pot. We recommend that your-pot your flowers into a more decorative planter to add stability and improve the overall look. Our flower bushes and trailing flowers come on small plastic spikes. This allows you to ‘plant’ them straight into the ground or a planter of your choice.

Read more here.

UV Resistance

Most of our artificial flowers are designed for outside use in typical UK weather conditions. However, the flowers are made from silk for the most realistic look which means that they cannot contain UV stabilisers.

Find out more about UV resistance at our blog here.

Keeping Artificial Flowers Clean

Artificial flowers are perfect for a low maintenance home or garden. You’ll never have to worry about watering, feeding or replacing your flowers and any dust or debris should get blown away in the wind. If you’re putting your flowers inside you may have to give them a quick dust from time to time. This is easy to do and should only take a couple of minutes.

Watch our cleaning guide here.

Why Choose Artificial Flowers

Making sure that real flowers look their best can be a draining and time consuming task. Perhaps you lead a busy lifestyle, suffer from plant related allergies or simply don’t have a flair for gardening. Whatever is it, our artificial flowers are the perfect solution.

Real flowers require a lot of maintenance and often don’t even survive (particularly those pesky orchids). Hanging baskets and patio tubs require more watering than others and almost always need replacing each year. Not to mention the cost of feeding your flowers and spending time to make sure they’re happy in their environment.

With artificial flowers you can be assured that they will look their best year after year without any maintenance. They won’t die if you forget to water them and they’re happy to live in any and every environment.

Stunning Colours, Stunning Realism

Artificial plants and flowers were once made of shiny, rigid plastic that made their appearance less than realistic. Manufacturing technologies have come a long way since then allowing our flowers to be made from high quality, durable materials. These include real wood and polyethylene, which make our flowers look almost identical to real flowers.

Our artificial flowers are made from high quality silk, plastic and latex giving them absolutely stunning, vivid colours and unparalleled realism. Obviously each plant's exact mix will differ to provide different textures but the quality and realism will not.

We check the foliage, colour, shape and size of all our faux flowers against their natural counterparts to ensure they look as realistic and lifelike as possible.

Why Buy Artificial Flowers

Wide Range

The most popular flowers have been made into artificial replicas so you can be sure to find your favourites. From our beautiful window boxes to our larger flowering trees our range of flowers has something to suit everyone. They make decorating your home and garden easy and if you change your style you can simply store them away. When you come to bring them out again, they’ll look as good as the day you left them.


Artificial flowers may look to be more expensive at first but overall they actually work out cheaper. You don’t need to pay for the cost of feeding, replacing or repotting your artificial flowers and you’ll save hours of time.


As of 2018 there are roughly 18 million hay fever sufferers in the UK. An allergy free garden is a clear advantage of artificial flowers and you don’t need to worry about toxic plants posing a risk to small children or pets. For more reasons to choose artificial visit our blog.

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