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Artificial Calla Lily
From: £15.99 inc VAT
Potted Artificial Azalea
From: £9.99 inc VAT
Artificial Lily Magnolia Bush
From: £14.99 inc VAT From: £19.99 inc VAT
Artificial French Lace Rose Bush
From: £17.99 inc VAT From: £21.99 inc VAT
Artificial Peony Bush
From: £44.99 inc VAT From: £89.99 inc VAT
Artificial Rose Bush
From: £35.99 inc VAT
Artificial Hydrangea Bush
From: £8.99 inc VAT
Artificial Pansy Bush
From: £2.49 inc VAT From: £2.99 inc VAT
Artificial Lavender Bush
From: £6.99 inc VAT
Small Artificial Geranium Bush
From: £6.99 inc VAT
Artificial Fuchsia Bush
From: £8.45 inc VAT
Trailing Artificial Geranium
From: £13.99 inc VAT
Artificial Trailing Morning Glory
From: £10.99 inc VAT
Artificial Wisteria Garland
From: £19.99 inc VAT
Artificial Rose Garland
From: £9.99 inc VAT
Artificial Large White Orchid
From: £144.99 inc VAT
Artificial Phalaenopsis Orchid with Moss
From: £31.99 inc VAT From: £35.99 inc VAT
Artificial Geranium Window Box
From: £41.99 inc VAT

Stunning artificial silk flowers

So, you have a dark dull corner or an exterior in dire need of colour. You’ve tried orchids but they keep dying, you’ve tried others but forget to water them. Growing and maintaining flowers can be tiresome and fruitless.

Artificial flowers are the answer. Add an instant splash of vibrant colour to any room with an artificial orchid, cymbidium or agapanthus. Alternatively add instant curb appeal with one of our artificial outdoor flowers. Try placing a patio tub or a hanging basket outside your front door to create a welcoming entrance.

If you like the idea of gardening but not the ongoing hassle, why not try artificial bushes? Plant them like their natural counterparts and leave them. That’s right: no watering, deadheading or ongoing maintenance!

Stunning colours, stunning realism

Our artificial flowers are made from high quality silk giving them absolutely stunning, vivid colours and unparalleled realism. Obviously each plant's exact silk mix will differ to provide different textures, the quality and realism will not.

We check our artificial flowers against their natural counterparts to ensure they look as realistic and lifelike as possible.

Planting and potting

All window boxes, patio tubs and hanging baskets are professionally planted into a sturdy, weighted oasis. This means they’re ready to go out of the box! All container dimensions are listed on individual product pages should you wish to replant them into your own containers.

Our bushes and trailing plants come on a spike. This allows you to ‘plant’ them into the ground or a planter of your choice.

Last but not least, a small number of our artificial flowers come in a weighted, plain black pot. You can leave these in this pot or simply replant the flower into a more decorative plant pot of your choice.

Maintaining your artificial flowers

Maintaining artificial flowers could not be simpler. Simply use a paintbrush and brush each petal and leaf to remove dust and debris. Alternatively you can use compressed air or a damp cloth.

For in depth advice, visit The Potting Shed.

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